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Stone Island Shadow Project Bomber Jacket

    stone island Shadow Project Bomber Jacket


    Stone Island: unique and exclusive

    Stone Island continues on their path of uniqueness. In that spirit, the Stone Island Shadow Project Bomber Jacket is 100% made from polyamide, an incredibly durable synthetic. Musk Green gives this Stone Island Bomber Jacket utility both on and off runways (Casual Fridays, anyone?).

    For most of you, we don’t need to explain too much. But, for the uninitiated, there are a few reasons why you need Stone Island in your life. For those reasons, the highlight could very well be the brand’s knack for fabric experimentation.

    Another reason? Probably this gorgeous Shadow Project bomber jacket. Stone Island is all about form meeting function…on steroids. What you spend your money on from this fashion house represents something you’ll likely want to pass down to the next generation. You can find this right now over at Allike.

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