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Available Now: Sneaker Freaker Issue 39

    sneaker freaker issue 39

    Issue 39 of Sneaker Freaker is out there

    Sneaker Freaker Issue 39 is all about in-depth info and quality reading. So, basically, it is no different than every other issue published before.

    With over 200 pages of content, you will be able to find a major feature with Spanish DASHAPE‘s collection of 90s Nike runners. There is also a photography masterclass with Seth Hematch.

    Also get ready to be amazed. You will be able to virtually dig into a 600+ collection of rare pairs and one-of-one releases that belong to Chicks with Kicks from Florida.

    Last but not least, you will be able to find out a bit more about Lisa Barlow and Miniswoosh. After all, as said by Sneaker Freaker themselves, «it’s a serious privilege to (…) shine a light on some of the super inspiring sneaker-passionate ladies out there»

    Sneaker Freaker: quality since 2002

    If you have never heard of Sneaker Freaker (even though we would be very disappointed with that), this post is for you.

    Founded in Australia in 2002 by Simon Wood, Sneaker Freaker has been at the forefront of every sneaker release across the globe since then. They have also been a part of countless collaborative footwear projects. One of the most recent ones is a collaboration with PinqPonq.

    On their website, you can check all the latest news, from footwear to fashion and accessories. Their hard-copy issues have also become a collectible item.

    Collectors and enthusiasts around the world keep up to date with every release. Also, make sure to check out Sneaker Freaker Magazine Instagram account to stay updated.

    Sneaker Freaker Issue 39 is available with four different covers. Get your favorite one at their webstore and let us know down in the comment section which one you like the most.