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Sneakers for everyone: An interview with Denis Falkenstein of Everysize


    Everysize probably has that size you really want

    Born out of a clear necessity, is the real deal for all those that are searching for a certain sneaker model, with a certain size. Even if you are just looking for sneakers at the best sneaker stores in the world, the site’s still worth a look.

    Dennis Falkenstein, Pascal Prehn, Eugen, and Heiko are the people behind the site meets search engine that will make of you finding that precise pair of shoes an easy and less painful experience.

    We had the pleasure of sitting down with Denis to talk about the site, the experience, and story of the people behind it and the whole sneakers industry. Read below.

    Can you please introduce yourself?

    My name is Denis Falkenstein. I used to work for Inflammable, a German online-store for streetwear, sneaker and graffiti supply for the last four years. I was handling the marketing over there.

    Besides everysize I’m working as a freelance marketing & e-commerce consultant as well, helping different companies and shops to handle their online-business.

    Who makes everysize?

    everysize was started by my buddy Pascal Prehn, who worked as the chief editor for Sneaker Freaker Germany and was the country manager for Sneakerness, for the last five years, my brother and me.

    Pascal now does consulting for Falke and Burlington socks and still works for the global Sneaker Freaker Magazine. My brother Eugen handles everything technically and Heiko is our frontend and UI/UX designer. So right now we are four people, trying to push everysize.

    Have you and your team always been passionate about sneakers?

    Pascal and I have a long interest in sneakers. I started with skateboarding and shoes always played a big role during that time. I was going to paint graffiti later and was wearing sneakers during that time as well. Wearing the right sneakers has always been an important part of my different adventures.

    Pascal is also into sneakers for a long time. He was a former athlete and played tennis and hockey. His Team got sponsored by Asics and so, he was wearing the running shoes also “off the court”. He was playing basketball in his free time as well and so, everything started.


    How did the idea to create everysize come up?

    We all know that searching for Sneakers on the web sometimes can be a pain in the ass. When you are looking for your favorite style you need to open up 5-6 different tabs in your browser to see, if the stores do have your size left or not. If that is not successful, you try google and search on different pages from different stores, magazines, etc.

    But there are way too many stores and too many blogs out there posting links to certain shoes. So, we had the idea of creating a page, where people can search for shoes but in their size and on one platform. It should be easy to use and so, we came up with everysize.

    What is the main value in terms of experience for a user that gets to everysize for the first time?

    Like I already mentioned, with everysize it’s easy for you to get the overview of the current sneaker releases in your size in the best shops. That’s the main point at everysize compared to other product search engines where you cannot search based on your individual size.

    But you don’t want to have shoes in size 12 when you have size 10. That’s the most important difference between everysize and other search engines! everysize can name you exactly (in real-time) which shop has your sneaker in your size.

    Everysize is currently working only with German stores – how come?

    The fact that we are from Germany was the decision maker. As Pascal knows nearly 99% of the Sneaker Stores through his time at Sneaker Freaker, it was obvious, that we start in Germany first.

    Besides all the technical stuff and marketing stuff we needed to handle, we just wanted to concentrate on Germany first as it is a huge market. But we are going international early 2016 and we already have a bunch of international shops who are willed to work with us and contacted us after our launch.

    Finally, what are your thoughts about the whole sneaker industry at the moment? Is this just the beginning of a bigger picture, or are we looking towards a low down in terms of frenzy soon?

    We have worked in this industry for a long time. There were good times, there were bad times like in every industry. But in the last five years, the whole sneaker thing got bigger and bigger and stayed on a certain level.

    More conventions, more sneaker stores, more designers who are doing collections, more musicians doing collabs, etc. Sneakers are not for “nerds# anymore, it’s a topic, which gets everyone right now, even managers are running around in their suits, mixed with their Stan Smiths.

    When you see the sales, it’s definitely not getting down, it’s getting up constantly since years. The only thing, which is a bit of a problem, are the collabs. There are way too many and they don’t sell out anymore, so that will change in the future, I bet.

    But it’s good that there are many general releases coming out, as the people will need us to keep an overview and see, where they can find certain styles…