Snowy Mountains with Supreme x The North Face

supreme x the north face snowy mountains

Supreme x The North Face are back at it again

Supreme Leaks News has given us something else to dream about. Another Supreme x The North Face drop is set to happen and said to launch somewhere in November.

As it looks like, the new Supreme North Face 2017 Snowy Mountains drop shall release on a Nuptse Jacket and on a Mountain Parka, which should retail at around 350$.

In addition, you will be able to gear up for Winter with backpacks and duffle bags.

Although Supreme did not say a word regarding this drop, in particular, there are pictures floating around.

what is supreme

Supreme has been hitting the news more than what we are used to, lately.

Nevertheless, drop after drop, their sellouts are just out of this world. Also, don’t forget that not that long ago they have opened their new location in Brooklyn.

Apart from Nike collaborations with Supreme, season after season, we always come across a The North Face collaboration – and guess what, every Tom, Dick and Harry seem to love every single released item.

The Internet is a great place, no doubt, where you can find the latest leaks for whatever you can imagine. Stay tuned for further news.