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Takashi Kanokogi on the origins and mission of RFW

    Takashi Kanokogi rfw

    An interview with Takashi Kanokogi of RFW

    Established in 1998, RFW Tokyo (previously known as RHYTHM and later as Rhythm Footwear) is a Japanese footwear brand. The label ultimately seeks to offer originality combined with comfort. Founded by Takashi Kanokogi, RFW makes that vision a real mission.

    Born in Tokyo, Takashi studied Shoemaking at Cordwainers College in London before he started RFW in 1998. We talked with Takashi Kanokogi about the origins of the brand, the brand’s design inspiration, favorite models of the season and more.

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    Takashi Kanokogi | RFW

    How would you define RFW’s product? In terms of design, materials…

    The design is very simple and large pattern cutting. The upper materials are mainly cotton & leather.

    What is the brand’s major inspiration? Functionality, comfort? Making a difference in terms of design?

    The inspiration comes from my experience and feeling, and ultimately to incorporate functionality and comfort in the product afterward.

    RFW has done some collaborations with Japanese brands, also with Keen, when can we expect some more collaborative product?

    We are planning to launch collaborated products with new Japanese brands for the SS2014 collection. Details are still undisclosed.

    When and where will we be able to find RFW in the US, Europe?

    We desire to launch RFW in the US & Europe markets in the near future.

    The brand recently disclosed its AW 13 collection – please select what would be the perfect shoe for a customer to get to know the best of RFW.

    ROSETTA BOA. Because It’s minimal design and easy to wear.


    Please share with us what is the ultimate message of RFW as a brand.

    RFW is creating new shoes while pursuing originality.

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