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15 Le Coq Sportif Collaborations

    le coq sportif collaborations. titolo le coq sportif r1000 glacial melt

    A look at the best Le Coq Sportif collabs

    A guide to some of the best Le Coq Sportif collaborations shows us that the French do it better (and even more when collaborating with others). As known, Le Coq Sportif has been around for many, many years, since 1882.

    Le Coq sneakers collabs have steadily become one of the trends to follow within the sportswear world. With that said, we have made some choices and elaborated “the” ultimate Le Coq Sportif collaborations list.

    The 15 Best Le Coq Sportif Collaborations:


    Le Coq Sportif Flash x Crooked Tongues “French Exchange”

    Let’s start with an underdog. Dubbed the “French Exchange”, the Le Coq Sportif Flash takes inspiration from an idea of an imagined French exchange student’s kicks for a gym class.

    In addition, part of the colorway is also inspired by the Eurostar, featuring a light grey leather upper with yellow, blue, red, black and carbon-fiber accents around the heel.

    (Image Credits: Sole Collector)

    Le Coq Sportif R800 x FootPatrol “Artisan”

    We all know how Footpatrol always nails their collaborations, and this is no exception. The Made in France R800 “Artisan” is built in a petrol blue leather and finished off with red and green stitching.

    Delivered in a wooden box altogether with wooden shoe trees and a leather-care product, the quality and details of this pair are just out of this world.

    (Image Credits: FootPatrol)

    Le Coq Sportif R1000x Hanon “French Jersey”

    Back in 1882, Le Coq Sportif came to life as a manufacturer of cotton jerseys. A homage to the brand’s heritage, this R1000 took inspiration from vintage sportswear.

    Details are seen on a plush-cotton jersey textile material applied to the lining and tongue while the upper is built using pigskin nubuck.

    (Image Credits: MoreSneakers)

    Le Coq Sportif Eclat x LimitEDitions “Patachou”

    The packaging of Tanneries Roux shoes in the 50s was the inspiration for these. LimitEDitions from Barcelona managed to create one of the best Le Coq Sportif Eclat of all time.

    The upper is built using premium waxed leather and features a goat-leather lining. In addition, the upper pays tribute to the French textile art of bobbin lace making. They are Made in France and only 80 pairs were produced.

    (Image Credits: LimitEDitions)

    Le Coq Sportif Flash x Sneakersnstuff “Dunderklumpen”

    We know, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. We know, they went on to the sales almost everywhere. We know, they are difficult to wear. However, we just love this awesome colorway.

    Inspired by a Swedish movie called Dunderklumpen, this flamboyant pair displays a leather upper with perforations around the toebox. In all honesty, we truly believe they do not get enough love.

    (Image Credits: SNS)


    Le Coq Sportif R1000 x AFEW “Grand Departure”

    Le Coq Sportif R1000 x AFEW "Grand Departure"

    Long story short – what a phenomenal pair! The upper features soft black nubuck leather while details are seen in red, blue and white all across the shoe.

    It sits on top of a white midsole and a translucent constructed outsole. This pair is Made in France and only 100 pairs were produced.

    (Image Credits: Afew)

    Le Coq Sportif R800 x Highs & Lows “Cycling Pack”

    Part of the “Cycling Pack”, Le Coq Sportif merged forces with Australia’s finest – Highs & Lows. This super-limited sneaker displays hues of white, grey and black across the upper with small yellow accents.

    (Image Credits: Flash Back Mag)

    Macarons, Gallos, and Mints:

    Le Coq Sportif Éclat x FootPatrol “Macaron”

    Inspired by the macaroons, the French sweets, these Éclats are crafted from pig suede and have some reflective 3M details while the satin lining fully matches the upper’s colorway. A contrasting full-white midsole is also present as well as a gum-like outsole.

    (Image Credits: 17zapas)

    Le Coq Sportif R1000 x 24 Kilates “Gallo”

    Collaborating with 24 Kilates, this particular pair pays a deserved tribute to the Gallic Rooster, LCS’s iconic logo. Almost every single tone of the rainbow can be found across the shoe – orange, red, blue, aubergine, yellow and green.

    At first glance, all of that mix-and-match does not work, but look again!

    (Image Credits: 24Kilates)

    Le Coq Sportif Zenith x Laced “Banana Benders”

    Laced first collaboration put a spin on the Zenith, a pair that was originally released in the late 80s. Dubbed the “Banana Benders”, you can find a banana embroidering on the heel as well as the shop’s name.

    For last but not least, the shoe is wrapped in maroon suede with white and grey mesh; only 666 pairs were released.

    (Image Credits: MoreSneakers)

    Le Coq Sportif R1000 x Titolo “Mellow Mint”

    Le Coq Sportif R1000 x Titolo "Mellow Mint"

    This is another pair that has hit the sales-rack, and we can’t understand why. Named the “Mellow Mint”, these Le Coq Sportif R1000 are built using premium and tonal dark peach nubuck leather that sits on top of a minty midsole and gum outsole.

    (Image Credits: UpThere Store)

    The Le Coq Sportif x LimitEditions Éclat “Rose EXD”

    le coq sportif eclat limiteditions roses

    In celebration of its 10th anniversary, LimitEDitions from Barcelona came together with Le Coq Sportif to create the “Rose”. Using a classic silhouette, the Éclat, this pair, in particular, is floral-inspired while displaying a rosy-red suede upper.

    Details are seen on the speckled midsole and gum outsole, as well as an embroidered, rose at the heel.

    (Image Credits: Kith)

    Le Coq Sportif R1000 x Sneakers76 “Guardian of the Sea”

    Unfortunately, many Le Coq Sportif collaborations go under the radar and are rather underrated. The “Guardian of the Sea” is yet another one that did not get much attention, and we can’t understand why.

    Inspired by the historical Lighthouse of Capo San Vito, the R1000 features a sand and stone-colored nubuck on the upper altogether with a blue-ish heel, representing the sea and delivered in a matching special box and dust-bags.

    (Image Credits: Sneakers76)

    Le Coq Sportif Flash x 24 Kilates

    le coq sportif flash 24 kilates

    Since we started with an underdog, and since we are almost done with the best collaborations of Le Coq Sportif, let’s go ahead with another pair that does not get enough love. Hard to find, however, not expensive to buy.

    Inspired by Le Coq Sportif’s original collection, the Flash is dressed in the passion-red mesh as well as red and black premium nubuck. This extremely limited Le Coq Sportif Flash sits on top of a white midsole and baby-blue outsole.

    Le Coq Sportif R1000 x Titolo “Glacial Melt”

    le coq sportif collaborations. titolo le coq sportif r1000 glacial melt

    That’s right, we saved the best for last. This is our favorite collaboration from Le Coq Sportif that got together with Titolo to release the “Glacial Melt”.

    This R1000 is inspired by the mountain sceneries of Switzerland’s Alps. No need to add any more comments, they just look amazing!

    About Le Coq Sportif:

    Founded by Émile Camuset, its name takes inspiration from the Gallic Rooster, France’s national symbol. Among many other achievements, Le Coq Sportif was the inventor of the sweatpants, nicknamed the “Sunday Uniform” and up ’till today, the brand is still connected to many sports such as football, cycling, and rugby.

    Over 130 years later, Le Coq Sportif became one of the most prestigious brands in the world known for its footwear, apparel, and accessories. Apart from that, the brand also released awesome collaborations throughout the years.


    (Image Credits: Le Coq Sportif)