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Japan Exclusive Purple Label by The North Face

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    Japan Born: The North Face Purple Label

    The North Face Purple Label is a Japan all exclusive. Still, its reputation for awesomeness and distinction basically conquered fans all over the planet.

    For fans of the brand and for all that like style overall, it is always a thrill to check out the latest TNF Purple Label lookbook.

    The North Face Purple Label Fw 17

    The North Face Purple Label is only available in Japan (rumors state that they may come along to Europe as well, but we cannot confirm it just yet). However, this TNF high segment really gathers fans and followers at almost any place in the world.

    The Purple Label is basically a sub-label of The North Face, mix and match the best in outerwear with stylish aesthetics. Eiichiro Homma is one of the minds behind it and he also runs nanamica, who has always walked hand in hand.

    The great fashion outdoors

    Founded in 2003, together with nanamica, everything came to life and was designed for a different kind of person. Like a totally different type of costumer. What we call “normal” TNF will always be linked to outdoor activities.

    However, the Purple Label was launched to tackle another giant niche: fashion, as a whole. Eiichiro adds that it «is modified outdoor clothing with additional modern fashion aspects – creating a high-level mix of style and function, which is nanamica’s fundamental value, too».

    In plain and good English, The North Face Purple Label is a prominent and noteworthy mix of every TNF’s attitude but designed to have an everyday purpose of functionality. Known for their bold color pallets, out of this world prints and patterns.

    From the beach to the mountains:

    On the other hand, The North Face is often associated with harsh and cold weather conditions. Ironically, it all started on a beach. To be precise, it all started in San Francisco’s Borth Beach area in 1966.

    Two hiking enthusiasts decided that it would be a great idea to start their own mountaineering store and from the very beginning, they were devoted to serving everyone that craved the conservation of the natural wild lands. That same mantra is emphasized up ‘till today.

    With such in mind, by 1968, that same small retailer space became TNF, delivering high-tech climbing and backpacking equipment. As expected, tradition has kept growing and even today, it still goes at full speed.

    Later on, during the 80s, the brand expanded their business as a whole. They started to be present in the Ski world, adding tech ski-wear to the range they offered.

    They were so good at what they did that by the end of the 80s, The label was the only supplier in the United States that could deliver such high-performance outerwear, ski-wear, backpacks and so on.

    Never cease to explore:

    TNF has never stopped evolving, hence, during the 90s, it all changed. They decided to broaden their full range and helped athletes to further explore. By then, rock climbers, backpackers, hikers, trail runners, and outdoor enthusiasts were wearing sportswear Tekware™ garments produced by the brand.

    It went further; TNF states that it was “launched two game-changing product lines – Thermoball and Fuseform. Thermoball introduced synthetic insulation mimicking the capability of down. Fuseform revolutionized the manufacturing space as it changed the way technical apparel is produced”.

    Always pushing boundaries of innovation, North Face has also collaborated with brands such as Supreme, creating much hype around both American brands. Head over to Rakuten and select your favorite weather-proof piece.

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    Image Credit (Featured): atmos Tokyo