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UNKNOWN BASICS Breaks it Down for You

unknown basics


If you want to know what UNKNOWN BASICS is all about, visit their music section. There, you find several curated playlists.

You also see something else. The selection of music is less edgy skate brand and more practical.

Unlike brands like Supreme or Palace, there isn’t any notion of trying to be cool. In fact, the lists are more about providing a soundtrack to the everyday.

That is what UNKNOWN BASICS is all about, tying a strong connection to skate culture with clean designs. The result is the PRACTICE collection, featuring muted tones and hints of pastel.

You can go ahead and cruise the city until the elements tell you otherwise. Or, just roam the local streets casually.

Either way, there are no pretenses here. The PRACTICE collection is about styling to your own vibe.

Though the color schemes aren’t as complex as some other brands, there is enough variety to keep you hooked. On their path to prevalence in a frenzied industry, the German brand is an example of the power of simplicity.

The highlight of the collection is perhaps the Signature Lilac Hoodie. Made of 90% cotton, this seems like a season-appropriate piece. Check out the entire collection here.

unknown basics


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