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Up There x Saucony Grid 8000 “Sashiko”

    saucony grid 8000 x up there store

    Australia’s Up There collaborates with Saucony

    The Up There x Saucony Grid 8000 Sashiko is more like a joint effort between Australia and the US. Saucony presents us a new take on the striking Grid 8000 after joining forces with Up There Store, from Melbourne.

    This new Saucony Grid 8000 “Sashiko” incorporates the finest materials. From the leather and sashiko stitched upper to the debossed tongue tags. Also worth a mention is the supple leather inner sole and the silver-tipped waxed cotton laces.

    No shortcuts were taken by Up There Store Melbourne nor by Saucony on this pair, we can guarantee you that.

    Up There Store X Saucony Grid 8000 'Sashiko'

    Just like Saucony’s ethos, this new collaboration is all about rich history and tradition. In other words, the Japanese tend to create and build anything and everything that lasts a lifetime.

    Even more, and especially when it comes to fashion and footwear items. Sashiko is one of the many ways that a product’s life-span can be exponentially expanded.

    The term “Sashiko” translates to “little stabs” and it is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching. Traditionally speaking, such technique was used to strengthen points of wear or to repair tears with patches.

    On this pair in specific, the white cotton thread on the traditional indigo blue cloth gives away a distinctive appearance to the Grid 8000. This ancient way-of-making stood the test of time with a final purpose in mind: to reinforce and repair.

    Well, not that a new shoe needs repairing, but you know exactly what we mean. The Up There x Saucony Grid 8000 “Sashiko” will be officially released at the shop on February 16th and internationally on February 23rd, retailing at $250AUD.

    Check out additional details at Up There Store’s website. While you’re at it, also make sure to check out the Up There Store Instagram account.

    Let us know what you think about the Up There x Saucony Grid 8000 Sashiko down in the comment section below the post.

    Saucony History and Background:

    Running strong since 1898, Saucony came to life just two years after the first Olympic Marathon. Little they knew that by 1910, the brand was producing 800 pairs a day, approximately.

    Believe us, that really is a lot of shoes. As expected, running influences were all over the United States, so it is far from strange that Saucony started tackling everything surrounding such sport.

    At the time, there weren’t any high-performance running shoes available. So, that was their starting point.

    By then, athletes were running in shoes with leather spikes, or even barefoot. The brand noticed a gap in the market, hence, their journey started rather early.

    From Boston to the world

    Based in Boston from the late 60s (previously they were based in Pennsylvania), Saucony shoes climbed all the way up from being a runner’s best-kept secret to one of the most coveted running shoes ever.

    Many, many great silhouettes were released since then, including the Jazz, the DXN Trainer, the Shadow and the Grid, among others. In fact, that is precisely the model that we’re talking about here, the new Grid 8000.

    For now, we all have understood just how Saucony’s rich in history. The brand has an immeasurable chunk of importance when it comes to running.

    Saucony is notably known for its originality and quality-built silhouettes. A new collaboration is now born and shown to the whole world: the Up There x Saucony Grid 8000 “Sashiko”.

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