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Vans 5×5 Project: Vier OG Classic Slip-On Tiger/ Palm

    Vans 5x5 Project

    Vans 5×5 Project: Reviewing the Vier OG Classic

    This product of the Vans 5×5 project comes to us from the footwear brand’s work with Vier. Hailing from Antwerp, the brashly decorated brings their particular visual sensibility to this classic model.

    The Vans 5×5 project originally releases back in the holiday season. It rounds off a pretty productive 2018 for the brand. What’s more, it does so in perhaps the best way possible. Along with retailers such as Slam Jam and WORKSOUT, Vans calls on Vier to reinterpret the Classic Slip-On.

    Vier’s Visuals

    The most readily apparent element here is going to be the shoe’s visuals on the upper. The theme of choice is a tiger-print, featuring prominently here.

    Making sure to keep the Vans vibe, the shoe maintains a few beach-centric themes. Along the shoe’s ankle portion, we see a White palm tree graphic against a Black background. Along the midsole we also see a script reading “Vamos a la playa.”

    Not only does that translate to “let’s go to the beach,” but it’s also the title of this cringe-worthy but catchy hit song. The upper’s wild visuals also come with a touch of notable quality. Far from being all about looks, Viers’s contribution to the Vans 5×5 project also comes with pony-hair detailing throughout.


    Keeping the Comfort

    This shoe is also a part of the brand’s efforts to make its products more comfortable. To this point, Vans sneakers aren’t quite known for all-day wearability. Consequently, we see the label looking to switch that reputation up a bit.

    In that effort, details such as an UltraCush sock liner come in handy. The result is a surprisingly wearable design that sports all of the wild visuals that your eyes could need. This edition of the Vans 5×5 project is available now at Slam Jam Socialism.

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