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Slipping back: Vans Classic Slip On DX

    vans slip on dx souvenir black

    OG + Cush: Vans Classic Slip On DX

    Celebrating its origins, this Vans Classic Slip On DX harks back to the original Anaheim factory. Coming out of California, Vans continues to maintain a surprising relevance for a long time.

    This Vans Classic silhouette is positive proof of that. Unsurprisingly, the shoe presents a breezy and wearable build.

    The upper is in its usual canvas material and sports a leather collar. We also see gussets in an elastic build as well as a woven logo tab.

    The majority of this model resembles its OG form but comes with some noticeable changes. The inner lining here comes with Ultra Cush sock liners.

    Along with amplifying fit, this also makes the canvas feel a bit softer on your feet. A lot of what remains the same has to do with aesthetics.

    The logo patches are still in embroidery and the “off the wall” heel branding is prominent. But, the overall look of the shoe is still very downplayed. A classic Gum outsole completes this look competently.

    vans classic slip on dx souvenir black

    Vans: Staying True

    There are few sneaker and clothing brands with the sort of staying power that Vans have. To survive as a business, and thrive, since fashion’s days in the 60s is no small task.

    The origins of the brand’s many shoes are quite local. Sure, the factories start in Cali, but the themes reflect this as well. The skateboarding, breezy lifestyle is in full effect.

    The fact this model is a slip-on is a testament to that. In fact, we see several sneaker brands try to harness that look, but Vans seem to be the OG of OG’s in this regard.

    It goes without saying that this is an easy buy for anyone looking for an everyday go-to. It isn’t exactly weather-ready, but this one slip-on you can buy without much guilt.

    The Vans Classic Slip-On was first introduced and released as the “Style 98”. By then (in the 70s) most of Vans’ shoes, like the Vans Old Skool or the Vans Sk8-Hi for that matter, all had numbers and “Style” prefix names.

    With the Slip-On, Vans managed to continue to be close to the communities that really helped the brand, the skaters, and the BMX riders, and also managed to appeal to all other consumers and tribes. The truth is that the Vans Slip-On was from the start a clear choice as a cool lifestyle shoe option.

    Check out the Vans Classic Slip-On DX, in California Souvenir Black, available to buy now over at END. Clothing.

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