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Vans Era 46 Pro x Anti Hero

    Vans Era 46 Pro x Anti Hero

    A Vans Anti Hero is available now

    In what is one of the better parts of a superbly stylish collaboration presented by Vans, this is the Vans Era 46 Pro Anti Hero. The California brand and the skateboards label joined their creative forces.

    The outcome is a unique version of the celebrated Era silhouette. It features a premium navy suede upper along with a leather lining and heel tab.

    The release fully respects the superior standards of cool. Truly embodying the real significance of all California, this is the Vans Era 46 Pro x Anti Hero. This new Era is available now for sale at Insitu.

    Vans: A legendary brand

    Vans was originally founded back in 1966. It was on that year that brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren, Gordon C Lee, and Serge D’Elia opened the very first Vans’ store under its “official” name (back then): The Van Doren Rubber Company.

    Established in Anaheim, California, Vans was bound to become a part of all California culture. The label quickly established a strong relationship with all things surf, BMX, skate.

    At the same time, it strongly bounded with the whole and complete meaning of the California spirit. During the following decades, Vans and some of its most iconic models (including the Vans Era) became one of the better parts of all these sub-cultures.

    The 80s are a very good example of a time when creativity was really all over and almost in each and every corner. Back then, skaters and all Vans shoe fans started realizing the absolute power of customization.

    With its canvas and leather panels, the Era and also other models like the Old Skool were just like the perfect sketch board for all artists, more or less creative, to share about their dreams, their inner self, or basically to scratch along.

    Vans and the Collaborations Era:

    Fast forward to the 90s and the collaborations era arrived. During that period, the brand collaborated with designers like Marc Jacobs, brands like Supreme and many other fashion designers, labels, and collectives.

    The purpose was only one: to deliver unique versions of some of their most iconic models. Vans’ journey and that of the Era was then far from ending.

    When the 2000s came in, the California brand decided to collaborate with several music bands. Slayer, Bad Religion or the Descendents, all shared their unique visions of several silhouettes. If you are a Vans fan, make sure to check out our complete list of the best Vans Sk8-Hi available to shop now.