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The Best Vans Old Skool Colorways List

best vans old skool colorways

Vans Old Skool Colorways List: essential

Looking for the best Vans Old Skool colorways? We have all of them and more, much more.

Vans Old Skool Darkest Spruce

Vans Old Skool Darkest Spruce

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Vans Old Skool Port Royal

Vans Old Skool Black Outsole Port Royal

Vans Old Skool All Black or Vans Old Skool Canvas Black/Black

vans old skool all black

Vans Old Skool Navy or Vans Old Skool Navy/White

vans old skool navy

Vans Old Skool Red or Vans Sport Old Skool Racing Red

vans old skool red

Vans Old Skool Black and White or Vans Old Skool Black/White

Vans Old Skool Off White or Vans Old Skool Birch/True White

vans old skool off white

Vans Old Skool White or Vans Old Skool Ice Flow/True White

vans old skool white


Vans Old Skool All Pink or Vans Old Skool Patent Leather Impatiens Pink

vans old skool all pink


Vans Old Skool Purple or Vans Old Skool Montana Grape/Black

vans old skool purple

Vans Old Skool Light Blue or Vans Old Skool Mono Canvas Skyway/Black

vans old skool light blue

Vans Old Skool History and Background

Back then, in 1977, Vans was called the Van Doren Rubber Company in Anaheim, California. The company had been established for a ‘mere’ decade and the future, at the time, looked great. The Old Skool was the first low-top shoe of the brand to incorporate leather panels.

It was so original that it even had a different name. In fact, it was first released as the so-called ‘Style 36’, back then already with the distinct Vans stripe on the side. A decade passed and, in the 80s, the skaters and all the Old Skool fans started realizing the grand power of customization. With its canvas and leather panels, the Old Skool was the ultimate sketch board for all artists, more or less creative, to share about their dreams, their inner self, or simply to scratch along.

Vans in the 1990s: The collaboration era

Vans Old Skool x Slayer
Vans Old Skool x Slayer

Fast forward to the 90s and in came the collaborations era. During that time, Vans collaborated with Marc Jacobs, Supreme and other fashion designers, brands and artist collectives to deliver greater versions of some of their most iconic models.

The Old Skool was, of course, one of the favorite ones for these amateur artists. Vans’ journey and that of the Old Skool was far from ending.

With the 21st century coming in, Vans decided to collaborate with music bands. Slayer, Bad Religion or the Descendents, they all shared their unique visions of the Old Skool, for then and now. There are many, many colorways of the Vans Old Skool available for sale.

Different materials, slight design changes, minor differences from releases, it all comes into the picture. Always connected with sports, with a vibrant creativity feeling, the Vans Old Skool continues to be a timeless piece of footwear for all generations.




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