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Vans Old Skool “Patchwork” Factory Floor

    vans old skool size exclusive

    Vans Old Skool “Patchwork” Factory Floor is a Size Exclusive

    The Vans Old Skool “Patchwork” Factory Floor is the answer if are you feeling fed up with normal black and white Vans. If you feel like standing out from the crowd instead of looking like everyone else you have to grab these.

    However, these Vans Old Skool Size exclusive are a limited edition of 600 pairs. So, you’ll probably have to make some moves.

    The last time that Size? collaborated with Vans was three years ago. It sure seems like a lifetime, but it is definitely been worth the wait. The Old Skool is, yet again, the chosen model – after all, they are one of the most iconic silhouettes of all time.

    Inspired by the Vans Anaheim factory

    Sure, they are “just a pair of Old Skools”, but look again. Thematically, this Size? exclusive Vans Old Skool gathers inspiration from the very first Vans Anaheim factory in California, USA.

    Plus, the patchwork is a mash-up of materials that pay homage to the excess off-cuts found on the floor of the workshop from back then. You know, any regular shoe needs to be “tied” and sewn together, hence the surplus.

    Having spent over 60 years in the spotlight, with its ups and downs, of course, these Size? x Vans Old Skool “Factory Floor” are now delivered with 15 different patterned and textured materials across the upper, meaning both the left and right shoes are completely different from one another.

    Moreover, adding more to the individual nature of each shoe, there will be variations on the plaid, camo and spotted panels.

    These limited edition and Size? exclusive Vans Old Skool are set to drop on Friday, 13th of April on all Size? locations and online. They will be priced at £70.

    Let us know down in the comment section what you think of these. And, while you’re still around, check out the Top 8 Vans Old Skool colorways available to buy now.