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Vans Vault OG Classic Slip-On LX “TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA”

    vans vault og classic slip on to live and die in la

    Live fast: Vans Vault OG Classic Slip-On LX

    The Vans Vault OG Classic Slip-On LX “TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA” displays some impeccable summer-vibes. It features a clean a white/black premium heavyweight canvas colorway altogether with black/white print on the upper.

    In addition, the right toebox-panel shows a print stating “TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA”. The left one simply displays the letters “LA”. This special custom project was done by Product of LA.

    Don’t sleep and get yours, in black or white, now at Hot Rod LA.


    Vans: footwear made different since the 1960s

    Vans has been around since the late 1960s. The California brand was founded by brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren, alongside Gordon C Lee, and Serge D’Elia.

    Back then, the store opened with the name The Van Doren Rubber Company. At the time their way of work was rather unique: they manufactured shoes on the store and sold them directly to the public. Something really unusual even during these days of all things customization.

    The Vans #98 becomes the Slip-On:

    In 1977, 11 years after the store opened, the Vans #98 appears. The #98 was by then the tag name of what would later become the Vans Slip-On. Adopted by skateboarders and BMX riders, the Vans Slip-On continues to be released, year after year.

    Fact is that at present it continues to be one of the most important silhouettes of all Vans’ catalog. Simple yet classic design, waffle sole included, and a unique look makes of the Slip-On a must have for all riders and difference aficionados.

    In 2013, almost 40 years after Vans’ foundation, the brand presented Vans Vault. Vault by Vans is their most wide-ranging collection, taking inspirations from present-day street fashion, art, and music.

    In addition, they also bring out OG colorways and collaborations with Brain Dead, for example. As a skate brand, some details may be missed to the naked-eye just like the vulcanized rubber midsole and gum waffle outsole.

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