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Vans Vault x Our Legacy Collection Calling Back to the 90’s

    vans vault x our legacy

    Get it while you can: Vans Vault x Our Legacy

    It is all back to the last and electrifying decade of the 20th century with the Vans Vault x Our Legacy Collection. Fashion, whether highbrow or street, is a product of the cultures that surround it.

    So, it’s only natural for brands to venture back into a bygone time in search of some inspiration. In this case, we see the Vans Vault x Our Legacy collection calling back to the 90’s.

    our legacy x vans vault

    This release includes ten pieces of classic Vans designs, all of which carry cues from their original release. The hardcore punk scene of the 1990’s involves a very DIY and brooding culture.

    It mixes a proud sense of self (even if you haven’t found your “self” yet) with a touch of insecurity. As a result, people of this time are constantly on the move, going from the beach to work to a night out with friends, all in less than 24 hours.

    This collection reflects that need for versatility in one’s wardrobe while also providing luxe wears. Models like the Sk8-Mid Pro ‘91 LX and Half Cab Pro ‘92 LX boast premium editions, including hairy suede and nylon builds.

    Each item in this capsule release carries the “Curated by Our Legacy” distinction. Available today, you can find more info on the entire collection online at Caliroots.

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