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VOLCA Passos 0.1

    VOLCA Passos 0.1

    VOLCA Passos 0.1: Chunky sneakers galore

    VOLCA presents the Passos 01. Showing off (some) chunky sneaker vibes, much like the super-hyped Balenciaga Triple S. After all, for every major market hype magnet out there, there are also dozens of minor players.

    However small in status, these more artisanal brands are often worthy of your attention. We see a solid example here in the VOLCA Passos 0.1 sneaker.

    There is very little info about the brand at the moment, but their message is pretty clear. The fashion industry is quickly making its way towards garments that don’t see gender restrictions.

    The Passos 0.1 is a subtle but good example of this motif. This edition sees a Black upper that consists completely of leather.

    A thick rubber outsole keeps you high off the ground and balance. This versatile sneaker boasts premium materials and a fluid aesthetic.

    Discover this Portuguese-made gem, available now at Wrong Weather.