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Warrior brand releases the WOS33 sneakers

    warrior wos33 sneakers

    WOS33: A Warrior On Your Feet

    Chinese footwear brand Warrior recently unveiled the new WOS33 (WOS stands for “Warrior Ordinary Streetwear”) sneaker. The WOS33 is currently available in three colorways: white/red, white/blue and red/black.

    Its timeless design has literally remained untouched for over 40 years. Featuring a super lightweight canvas upper accented by simple leather panel color-ups and painted metal eyelets.

    During recent times, NBA player Yao Ming was just one of the celebs that have been spotted wearing the WB-1.

    WOS33: From China to the whole world

    Most probably, you never heard about Warrior brand sneakers, or “Hui Li” as the label is known in China. The first pair from Shanghai Warrior Shoes Co. Ltd. debuted in 1927, but the company itself only came to life five years later, in 1932.

    The brand had its beginnings crafting sports shoes for Chinese sportsman. The sportswear brand also became a household name in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

    The company was producing footwear as a by-product of its parent company – a nationalized rubber manufacturer. After all, its commercial rubber laid the foundation for the sneakers.

    The Warrior Ordinary Streetwear 33:

    At this very stage, we can consider that this was the beginning of the first Chinese athletic shoe known to man. They are rugged, comfortable and durable and was worn by athletes, politicians as well as businessmen.

    In fact, at a certain given time, the original colorway displaying white and red colors on the upper was the official footwear every laborer would be given out throughout the Chinese communist system. Thus, Warrior grew unopposed for near half a century until the modern era and the age of the global brand began.

    Warrior OG: the most worn sneaker of all time

    There is no data supporting this fact, but some believe the Warrior OG is the single most worn shoe model of all time. Yes, of all time.

    During the 70s, their iconic silhouette, the WB-1 Basketball, became rather popular among basketball players. Following it was only a consequence that it was also a favorite among Chinese youth altogether.

    They are, without any doubts, a Chinese symbol from birth, being one of the Peoples Republic of China’s most recognizable creations. Putting performance and durability in front of everything else, while being delivered in a retro super-cool box, the Warrior WOS33 retails for approximately €70.

    Wondering where to buy warrior shoes these days? Find out more over on their European website.

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