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Premium Footwear: White Valentino Garavani Hive Sneakers

    White Valentino Garavani Hive Sneakers

    Hive Mentality: White Valentino Garavani Hive Sneakers

    The legendary Italian label drops some more heat, this time giving us the White Valentino Garavani Hive Sneakers. Valentino is a name that isn’t famous for its sneaker designs.

    That’s not to say their performance has been poor in this regard. In fact, they boast a rich catalog of premium footwear.

    But, the Italian brand is known more so for its work in Women’s fashion. Of course, their Men’s department is quite impressive as well. Still, Valentino reminds us here that their sneaker game is also strong.

    Valentino Garavani Hive Sneakers

    These Valentino Garavani Sneakers are mostly subtle. The upper’s white color scheme doesn’t quite demand attention, yet its material choices are worthy. A mesh base takes on the luxurious combination of premium leathers.

    Along with leather panels, we also get a good amount of suede overlays on this model. This mostly monochrome look is accented by the hues of the suede sections. Another interesting contrast is along the ankle collar.

    As with many Valentino sneakers, we see the signature pyramid studs, this time in Gold. Rounding off the look is a very interesting design on both the midsole and outsole.

    The former takes on the stud detailing while latter’s rubber construction has extra tread. Though clearly a luxury piece of footwear, the outsole looks ready for a short hike.

    Valentino men’s sneakers are just what they are: high class and with an irrefutable cool ethos.

    Quality Control

    The motivation for high-end sneakers is always to be of the highest quality. Often times, this comes at the expense of high visibility.

    These Valentino Garavani sneakers are not a pair you recognize immediately as a banger. There is nothing conspicuous about this type of luxury. But, it’s all there.

    The suede overlays are in a soft and premium build. Additionally, the unique midsole patterning and bulky outsole make for an interesting combo.

    These shoes are unassuming enough to pair up with many a combination of garments. With that being said, make no mistake, this piece of the Valentino Garavani collection is no slouch. Try them on and see if every step doesn’t feel like you’re on a runway.

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