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Juliette Lewis: Our mind says “dah”

    who is Juliette Lewis

    Born on June 21, 1973, Juliette Lewis is an artist. Simply saying is like aiming to better translate her creative greatness. Ms. Lewis is also an actress, a singer, a musician, an all-around creative.

    Rewind to 1991: “Cape Fear” remake starring Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, and yes, a young and appealing Juliette Lewis. That was like three years before the “Natural Born Killers”. The ultimate serial killer saga alongside Woody Harrelson. It was all put together following a twisted story that was written by Tarantino and conceptualized by Oliver Stone.


    «The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.»

    Juliette Lewis

    Rock & Roll all over:

    Fast forward to 2004: Lewis releases “Like a Bolt of Lightning”, her first full-length album alongside the Licks (that’s Juliette and the Licks). By then she also begins a warp speed rock ‘n roll chronicle with “Terra Incognita” (produced by Omar Rodriguez, from the Mars Volta and originally At the Drive-In).

    The record was released in 2009, as her music and rock&roll latest episode.

    Juliette Lewis: an artist, a performer

    Ms. Lewis could easily be described as a magnificent performer. Other translations of her greatness could be “dominant princess of the stage”, or a rock n roll young master. Simply put: too young and too powerful to be a diva.

    Any critique is never far enough from the subject and worse yet if we’re talking about the work of a Hollywood actress. Juliette Lewis is just far away from the stardom highway to hell (good for her).

    Fact is that a woman that has the ability to deliver the acting parts like the girl from Cape Fear, Mallory Knox, or the live performances and the set of consistent songs that her albums have included, is not a normal artist. Nevertheless, that is precisely her biggest quality: being too good to be normal. Make your own judgment.

    Sometimes life is just too good to be true. Find Juliette Lewis official Facebook page.

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    Juliette Lewis