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The Promising Designer: Who Is Kiko Kostadinov?

    who is kiko kostadinov

    Wondering Who Is Kiko Kostadinov? Find out right here

    Kiko Kostadinov is currently one of the most promising fashion designers. Born in Bulgaria and ready to take on the world, Kostadinov seems to be all over the news these days.

    In general, people dress to impress and that’s a fact. Furthermore, (and even if surely many may disagree) your status is decided by big brands and hefty price tags.

    On the other hand, there are quite a few that do not get enough credit and still go underground. Fact: Kiko Kostadinov gets all the credit he deserves, but he still lays low when comparing to others, oddly enough.

    kiko kostadinov

    Fashion as a social statement

    Nowadays, it is fashionable to be fashionable, if that makes sense. Everywhere you go, if you look around, you will always be able to spot someone well dressed, or at least trying to do to so.

    There are designers and influencers that we all follow and heard about, for different reasons and related to different niches. That is from Yohji Yamamoto to Errolson Hugh, from Toby Feltwell to Rick Owens.

    These are all people whose creative path has a powerful impact in the so-called “fashion world”. But that is something you should not worry about. Kiko Kostadinov is surely not worried about it since he is only in his late 20s.

    Kiko Kostadinov bio tells us that he made up quite a curriculum and climbed up a very steep ladder in very little time. Kostadinov is just one of the most promising designers of his generation.

    Considering that he never thought of going full-speed and making fashion a profession, he is not doing that bad, at all.

    From Bulgaria to the UK

    Born in Bulgaria and now based in London, he is mostly influenced by uniforms and work wear.  Also, and at the same time focusing on creative and inventive pattern cutting techniques. Detail is his middle name, producing rather complex and sophisticated garments.

    Kiko has also worked with his father a few years back during weekends and holidays as a decorator. A circumstance that influenced and shaped him into what he is today. As a student, he needed to start earning his own money, like any other London-based graduate.

    Not that long ago, in 2015 to be precise, he was a Fashion Design student at Central Saint Martins in London. At that stage, he launched a 20 piece vintage streetwear capsule collection with Stüssy.

    The set was launched to celebrate the brand’s 35th anniversary. The Stussy x Kiko honored the label’s heritage and longstanding engagement with regards to street-culture.

    (Kiko Kostadinov x Stussy for Dover Street Market)

    NEWGEN comes in

    Thereafter, Kiko Kostadinov signed with NEWGEN to take part in London Collections: Men for Spring / Summer 2017.  He kept on going while generating some deserved hype among brands and influencers.

    Fast forward and he was also appointed by Mackintosh to take the wheel an become Creative Director for their new collection, Mackintosh 0001. A collection that was shown during Paris Fashion Week in January 2017 displaying a great conglomerate of modern vision with luxury tradition.

    (Mackintosh 0001 by Kiko Kostadinov via Intelligence Magazine)

    Working side by side with Dover Street Market, the young designer continues to build in-store installations for their locations in London, Ginza, and New York. Moreover, he merged forces with Commes des Garçons Trading Museum for the launch of his Spring / Supper 2017 collection.

    Plus, if all the above is not enough, he was announced as one of Forbes Europe’s 30 under 30 in The Arts Category.

    Kiko Kostadinov x Asics

    His latest venture was with ASICS, the Japanese giant. The collaboration involved the GEL-Burz 1 model and was released in three different colorways. Sure, some may think the model is calamitous and unfriendly to the eye.

    But, we have seen the trend of the thick and chunky midsoles and silhouettes used by many, many brands across the globe. That shoe, in particular, features FlyteFoam technology, making sure your feet remain snug and comfortable as you go.

    A feature that is perfect for the daily commuter. For once, and finally, an ASICS runner got a proper update that merges the best when it comes to sports/exercise and streetwear type of styling.

    And that is becoming a trend as well.

    Kiko’s Asics GEL-Burz 1

    Because around here we actually know a thing or two about footwear, we can go further on this. Its on-feet comfort comes from the FlyteFoam midsole, but also due to the fact that the GEL-Burz 1 is designed with a strong heel tab.

    It is finished off and built using breathable mesh. Again, they are not everyone’s cup of tea, but it kind of boasted ASICS hype (we have not seen anything like this since the GEL-Lyte III 25th Anniversary).

    Without a doubt, we have high expectations for Kiko. If you want to better keep up with his future endeavors, also make sure to check out and follow Kiko Kostadinov Instagram account.

    Kiko Kostadinov x Asics(Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS GEL-Burz 1)

    Featured Image via Trouge

    Additional image credits: Le21eme and HYPEBEAST