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Wolfgang Jarnach and HRVST present the Wolfgang Parka

    Wolfgang Parka - Wolfgang Jarnach x HRVST

    Wolfgang Jarnach x HRVST

    Munich store HRVST got together with Wolfgang Jarnach to design a Parka. The Wolfgang Jarnach x HRVST is a unique kind of project.

    Wolfgang is the man behind W’LFG’NG a Munich outwear brand that focuses on functional blousons, raincoats, and down jackets for men and women. The result of this collaboration is this Alpaca/Virgin Wool Parka padded with the finest duck down.

    Now available to buy at HRVST. While you’re here, make sure to check out the latest about Sail Racing Pole Down Parkas right here.

    Wolfgang Parka - Wolfgang Jarnach x HRVST