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ZANEROBE Clothing New Collection Stays True to its Roots

    zanerobe clothing winter 2016 collection

    ZANEROBE clothing releases a new collection

    Australian fashion house ZANEROBE doesn’t make too much fuss or bluster about its brand. Simply put, they produce no-frills clothing without sacrificing quality.

    Correspondingly, this latest collection sticks to that philosophy. The Australian brand’s new winter collection is every bit as utilitarian as it intends.

    Sure, there is a subtle flair. Nonetheless, we see the brand’s innovative designs in a basic execution.

    Denim jackets, Melton coats, and Parkas are the order of the day. Each represents organic color choice.

    Additionally, there is an emphasis on distressed materials. Jackets are now a new offering from the brand.

    By the same token, they introduce the Blockshot utility pant and Sharpshot chino. Both will be available in different choices of fabrics.

    Have a look at Zanerobe Australia Winter lookbook. Additionally, you can check out the official collection video on their site.

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