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ZANEROBE x CJ Fly Present EP04: ‘Flytrap’

    Zanerobe Flytrap


    ZANEROBE doesn’t play games. As we’ve mentioned before, the Australian brand is all about simplicity.

    Its latest ZANEROBE x CJ Fly Present EP04 Winter release is a good example of that. As it turns out, we’re also getting one more holiday treat from the fashion house. ZANEROBE x CJ Fly Present EP04: ‘Flytrap.’

    A big part of ZANEROBE’s philosophy is to design simply for the sake of wanting to. As they put it, “because why not?” Most recently, that approach results in a collaboration with rapper Chaine Downer Jr., aka CJ Fly.

    The EP series is ZANEROBE’s way of releasing quality products while partnering with select personalities. As the Brooklyn-born PRO ERA OG looked to finish off his ‘Flytrap’ musical project, this fashion release made sense.

    The collection includes a Black version of the brand’s much loved distressed Scrambler jeans. As with most of their wears, this model comes from the crew messing around with the original Scrambler in the office one day.

    Once again, a little playful experimentation yields results. With only 40 pairs made available, the distressed Scramblers are currently sold out.

    But, stay tuned for some more goodies from ZANEROBE as they are fans of random inspiration. The collection also includes Flytrap t-shirts. You can find more info on the brand’s site. Fingers crossed for a re-release!