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Walk On Air With Airwalk Sneakers

    airwalk sneakers

    Airwalk Sneakers are Back

    The Airwalk One sneakers are back. ‘Airwalks 90s’ is a thing that comes to mind to those that already know about the brand. Airwalk shoes are back but from the future. From the mid-80s, Airwalk sneakers have been involved in skate and action sports.

    The truth is that Airwalk is a real pioneering brand when it comes to the progression of that same sub-culture. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, the footwear label displays a contemporary approach and analysis of their most exemplary styles.

    One year ago, Airwalk gave quite a step forward by starting to work with Jeff Staple. Mr. Staple applied his rare and particular knowledge on the sneaker culture and of course, minister and re-imagine a whole new collection array.

    On those terms, and after collaborating with Colette and Staple, Airwalk has released its OG colorway in black and white.

    Airwalk Shoes Are All Original

    The Airwalk original was released alongside with The Bloc, a better present-day lifestyle model in monotone colors. In addition and as mentioned above, to celebrate their 30th anniversary, The Pearl was also launched.

    Do you want to go back to the 80s and fell as fresh as ever? Head over to Airwalk’s official website and get to know more about their most recent releases. Also, and while on that, make sure to have a look at the video right below.

    Where to Buy:

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