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Cult Edge is the top Digital PR agency of the sneakers, fashion and street-wear niche. Online since 2012, we are more than a digital platform to get the latest news about sneakers, fashion and lifestyle.

Partner with us and be sure that we will be your ideal and only associate to create and deliver the right digital pr strategies, using the best digital public relations tactics with a precise digital PR plan.

Working closely with our clients, optimizing, creating and producing content and providing overall consultancy and strategy. Creating and delivering long term business value, helping our clients to get enhanced exposure within the sneakers, lifestyle, fashion and street-wear content niches.

Just what is digital pr meaning? It is to guarantee additional, complete and solid gains to your business. Our work as a Digital agency has been going for more than five years.

Digital PR and Content

Notable lifestyle and sneaker stores such as Foot District, SneakAvenue, Kicks Store and Füel have gained remarkable and improved results with our on-going work and collaboration. Our portfolio also comprises previous brands such as Zanerobe, Barney Cools and stores such as Allike, asphaltgold, or Wrong Weather. Our work speaks for itself.

Our strong expertise includes delivering an high value digital PR strategy, using the latest and updated digital PR tools. We work with specialized writers and accounts with years of experience.

Whether you want your online store or your brand to get more brand awareness, overall recognition, domain authority improvement, enhanced web traffic, and ultimately more leads and sales, we can do it.

We have the contacts, we know the right people, we produce and create all the accurate, extended and valuable content.

At present, Digital PR and SEO are more and more interlinked. Nowadays, more than ever, your online presence and strategy must have an all-inclusive approach and that is precisely one of our best talents.

Digital PR and Content Curation:

A curator (from Latin: curare, meaning “to take care”)

Difference, coolness and grandeur – these are the three main mottos of our work as content curators, writers and developers.

Strong and significant product identity, it all comes to that. Curation of singular objects demands much more than simply sharing about its better singularities.

If it is a fact that at present times the visual aura is ubiquitous when finding ways of spreading the message, it is also accurate that sharp minds do claim comprehension beyond mute imagery.

We produce and create solid content, with the right keywords, and with just the right and faultless approach.

We collaborate with sportswear, lifestyle stores and brands around the world and help our partners to develop digital PR strategies. We deliver engaging content for brands and help them to gain visibility on various digital platforms.

Our partners:

Business enquiries: info@cultedge.com