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C.E. Autumn/ Winter 2017 Collection

    Autumn/ Winter 2017 C.E Collection

    C.E. present their Autumn/ Winter 2017 Collection

    Tokyo-based outfitter Cav Empt (C.E.) is bringing its own touch to your Autumn/ Winter rotation. Streetwear is currently looking in a very obvious direction in terms of trends.

    This brand isn’t looking to break the mold, but to take it to yet another level. Check out the Autumn/ Winter 2017 C.E collection.

    From the lookbook, you notice a very tangible decision to stick with loose fits and heavy garments. Additionally, the color palettes, though in fairly impressive variety, maintain an appropriate look for the season.

    There is a surplus of somber hues, but also a good amount of range between the cooler Blues and warmer Yellow hints. That takes nothing away from the flair-focused look that the brand sticks too, though.

    It’s impressive to see that C.E manages to hone in on their bold aesthetic without straying too far out of norms. Essentially, coloring wildly inside the lines. Check out the entire lookbook for the upcoming season here. Find some of the latest pieces by Cav Empt now at Slam Jam.

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