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Discovering the Best Denim Jackets Available Right Now

    best denim jacket

    A complete look at some of the best denim jackets

    We get it. When it comes to shopping, fashion can be more of a stressor than a comfort. This is particularly true when it comes to shopping for some quality denim-clad jackets. Well, we think we can help with that. Check out our list of the best denim jackets.

    Top 15 Best Denim Jackets Available Now:

    Levi’s 1953 Type II Jacket

    The Best Denim Jackets Available Right Now

    Starting off this list with Levi’s denim jacket is a lot like starting a sneaker list with some Swoosh – it’s essential. This 1953 Type II piece is a great starter even for those of us who are new to the denim jackets game. Historically, this garment represents a ton more than just great styling capacity.

    It comes about as an update to the OG Type I jacket, releasing back in 1936. Thanks to its superior quality, this jacket quickly becomes the “unofficial uniform of the working man.” The whole point of denim sees roots in fitting out laborers and blue collar workers.

    This modest update brings that retro style back to life, employing some design staples. To keep the vintage feel, the denim build here is non-stretch and feels authentically rigid.

    There are even fabric elements that come as replicas of the 1930s and 1950s original. As it turns out, getting a good dose of the best denim jackets 2018 has to offer involves going back some decades. Who knew?

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    Acne Studios Pass Denim Jacket in Dark Blue

    The Best Denim Jackets Available Right Now

    Not to be forgotten, Acne Studios continues to crush it via its denim efforts. The Pass Denim model features here in a somber Blue, perfect for those lighter pastel bottoms you have laying around.

    Or, if you’re looking towards the full denim look, there are few jeans that clash with this bad boy. You might be wondering to yourself at some point, “should a denim jacket be tight?” Well, the answer is that it depends on your taste.

    If you’re looking for old-school materials, the Levi’s model – along with others on this list – will be your best bet. But, this Acne Studios piece features in an oversize build, offering plenty of room.

    Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with this Italian made beauty, boasting Japanese leather and branded stud buttons.

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    Soulland Shelton Denim Jacket

    The Best Denim Jackets Available Right Now

    If you’re around the Euro area, you don’t have to go terribly far to sample the best jean jacket Mens sections have to offer. Scandinavian brand Soulland is here for you.

    Sporting a 100% cotton build, this piece looks like it’s been in your rotation for a long time. This is no accident.

    Part of the design approach here is to make the jacket come across in a vintage and worn-in look. The fact that it’s in a vintage wash light Blue tone only adds to this effect.

    We also see the addition of some subtle pockets, so you can be pragmatic in your styling without looking like you’re going on a hike. Thanks to a fairly reasonable price point, this also easily one of the top-selling denim jackets around.

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    Denim By Vanquish and Fragment Inside Print Denim Jacket

    This titan of the Japanese streetwear scene brings its own offering to this list, matching up with just about any major brand you can think of. The design here takes inspiration from the OG concept of workmen’s wear.

    It also comes with some thunderbolt embroidery and internal branding notes. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this piece is its lean towards longevity.

    Though sporting a non-descript 100% cotton build, it comes with a serious durability profile thanks to the stitch technique. Thanks to this method, it also stands to develop a worn look that is unique to your habits.

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    Nudie Billy Denim Jacket

    The Best Denim Jackets Available Right Now

    Another one of those pesky questions you’ll likely come across is: are denim jackets supposed to be short? Again, it’s a matter of preference.

    As with all things in fashion, personal taste is key. But, you can be sure that a short denim jacket is definitely a viable option, should you decide to go in that direction.

    In that light, this piece from Nudie Jeans Co. is one of the best denim jackets in that shorter category. A dark and somber authenticity matches up with sections of wear.

    Though sporting a 13.4oz rigid leather build, this piece comes in a cut that is 100% organic cotton. So, whether you lean towards environmental consciousness or you’re looking for a slightly shorter piece, this Billy jacket is a pretty solid choice.

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    Levi’s Blue Denim Hula Collar Trucker Jacket

    Another Levi’s classic in the making. This trucker jacket represents just how flexible the age-old denim brand can be.

    When looking out for some of the best denim jackets out there, it’s easy to get lost in the maelstrom of ubiquity. Everything can come across as almost uniform-like. After all, there are only so many variations of the same cut of leather.

    With this model, you get all of the fixings of the classic garment, with the addition of some tropical flamboyance. The collar here comes with an expressive hula graphic.

    Though it’s fairly subtle, the splash of variety makes for something unique to throw into your wardrobe. All of this, and it’s without sacrificing the authenticity of Levi’s brand.

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    Levi’s Blue Denim Trucker Jacket

    Yes, we know. We prefer to categorize everything from Levi’s brand under the umbrella of vintage or classic garments. But, in our defense, that is for good reason.

    As we illustrate in the brand’s long and illustrious history, it’s truly worthy of both retro and modern tastes. This standard Trucker Jacket is a good example of this, showing off some of the exemplary design qualities we associate this iconic fashion house.

    Featuring here in a “Shelf Blue” tone, this denim jacket comes with a spread collar and an adjustable tab at the back hem. For some additional intrigue, we see the several notes of stitch detailing prominently appearing in a hue of Gold.

    As far as the standard model to start off your denim jacket collection goes, you could certainly do worse.

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    Levi’s 1953 Type II Jacket ‘Break Water’



    Honestly, it makes sense to repeat this gorgeous piece on the list, just for kicks. But, we’re not quite repeating ourselves here. The 1953 Type II jacket just happens to also be available in this contrasting lighter shade.

    It’s fitting to see this classic design show up in this more airy and spring-friendly scheme. The lighter denim is easier to work with when it comes to that “worn in” look that so many of us look out for. Additionally, smaller details appear to somewhat standout more in this shade.

    Just as an example, the jacket’s iconic “Big E” branding really comes alive on the less aggressive backdrop of a light Blue denim.

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    Kappa Kontroll Denim Jacket

    The Kappa Kontroll name is one of global recognition for a very good reason. The brand is famous for its sheer quality – in both design and execution – when it comes to the streetwear game.

    In fact, Kappa’s work is an example of the early adoption of sportswear into the wider world of fashion. The brand’s background begins all the way back in the 1950s, spanning decades of tremendous releases.

    The Kappa Kontroll line is the culmination of the highest quality builds, and this denim jacket exemplifies that fully. It’s a simple Blue piece that boasts contrasting Kappa logo detailing along the sleeves.

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    Levi’s Baggy Trucker Jacket

    More heat from the leader in the denim jackets game. This time around, we see a piece that has a bit more wiggle room. The Baggy Trucker Jacket comes in a no-frills design that offers more space for those of us who aren’t feeling the tighter fits.

    The main features here are all fairly standard, including plenty of adjustable button set-ups as well as flap patch pockets on the front. But, the highlight here is the relaxed fit.

    Thanks to the extra space, you can essentially throw this piece over just about anything you’re wearing and give yourself a quick hit of retro

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    Stussy Denim Garage Jacket

    Stussy is an OG in the streetwear game, to say the very least. Thanks to some serious time spent developing an ever-evolving streetwear scene, denim jackets also come as second nature to Stussy.

    This Garage Jacket exemplifies their progress. Most denim jacket models come with button closures on the front, something of a design staple. But, with Stussy it’s all about streetwear adaptability.

    Consequently, we see a full zip enclosure, allowing for a hybrid look with this denim piece. Details such as oversize front pockets really add to the classic stylings of streetwear fashion that never seem to die out.

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    orSlow 60s Denim Jacket

    We couldn’t possibly go through a list of the best denim jackets without mentioning the crew over at orSlow. Thanks to some soft diplomacy and a healthy helping of globalism, western fashion is a matter of wide interest.

    This heavy hitter in the Japanese streetwear scene interprets an American staple via this denim jacket. The majority of this piece is in its classical design.

    Plenty of contrasting stitch detailing border features such as front pockets and brand-heavy button down closing. Oversize branding comes to us via the inner tab, denoting a feature of intrigue on this model; namely, it’s origins.

    Though the design is purely western/ American, this 100% cotton garment is made locally in Japan.

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    APC Smith Denim Jacket

    Most of this APC piece comes in a classic construction, and all of the fixings are there. The blue hue, dark on this garment, boasts a flowy finish thanks to an oversized fit.

    A six-button closure comes with some gleaming pieces to bring the jacket together. And yet, it’s not all about remaining vintage either.

    One of the more intriguing features of this garment involves the front pockets. Of course, it’s normal to see two front pockets of any size on a denim jacket.

    But, we get something just a tad bit different here. Instead, the pockets have been removed and what’s left is an outline underneath the pleat. It’s a creative take on a fashion staple that is notoriously stingy when it comes to change. Somehow, it manages to work quite well.

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    Our Legacy Mono Denim Jacket

    We couldn’t think of a better way to round off our list then by hitting you with more of the premium wears. That and this garment represents the most classic interpretation of the denim jacket, courtesy of the folks over at Our Legacy.

    The Mono is about as integral to the denim jacket’s developmental history as the actual material. Even venturing back to a time when denim jackets are the stuff of a long day of hard labor, this design persists.

    A lot of that has to do with its simplicity. The Mono may not jump out at you immediately as one of the best denim jackets around, but it’s important because it’s a foundational design.

    The minimalist finish looks more like an actual shirt than a jacket. In fact, designs like this have at least some part in helping denim jackets become more of a Spring style item than work gear.

    Thanks to an indigo dye and vintage wash execution, you won’t go without that rugged retro look. And yet, you won’t be overdressed for the season either.

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