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Hoody Season: Know Wave Classic Anxiety Logo Hoody


    Hoody season is defined as that time of the year (usually in the fall) where it’s cold enough to wear a hoody but not cold enough to warrant wearing anything heavier (like a coat). Is it safe to say that we’re officially in hoody season? Yup! In need of a fresh new hoody? Peep the Know Wave Classic Anxiety Logo Hoody.

    Made out of a cotton and polyester blend, this Know Wave hoody comes in Black while being contrasted by the Orange and Red hues used for the Know Wave branding that’s embroidered across the chest. Paying attention to detail,  the ‘Anxiety’ hoody from Moran Bondaroff’s brainchild brand is cut from black jersey to assure that you’ll be a part of #TeamCozyBoys throughout your wear. The hoody is also framed with ribbed trims, equipped with a handy kangaroo pouch pocket and of course it wouldn’t be a hoody it it wasn’t for the drawstring hood.

    Now available for purchase at select retailers such as END., the Black Know Wave Classic Anxiety Logo Hoody can be your to own for the retail price of £169. You know what pair of sneakers would match up perfectly with this hoody? The recently released Nike Cortez in the Day of the Dead theme. Am I right or am I right?

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    via: END.