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NEIGHBORHOOD x Duppies Jacket Plays no Games

    NEIGHBORHOOD x Duppies jacket

    NEIGHBORHOOD x Duppies Jacket: two brands collide

    Looking to buy the NEIGHBORHOOD x Duppies Jacket? In your search for season-appropriate outerwear, things can get slightly tricky.

    The problem isn’t so much about choice. After all, in a market that is as competitive as ever, varieties abound. But, the issue is more about finding something that had everyday wearability.

    In that light, this NEIGHBORHOOD x Duppies jacket may be exactly what you’re looking for. This release is part of the summer’s collab between NEIGHBORHOOD and Duppies, coming together rather effortlessly.

    The jacket’s build boasts a full nylon construction, which is also very much season appropriate. We also inner linings made completely of polyester, adding to the piece’s breathability. The branding is a clever aspect here.

    Combining the acronyms of both brand names seamlessly, DPSNBHD just strikes an appropriate visual tone as a white/black detail. This is likely pure coincidence, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that branding considerations were made before partnering up.

    Check out this collab drop, available to buy now.

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