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The Best Nike Varsity Jackets Available Right Now

    nike cleveland cavaliers varsity jacket

    A discussion on Nike varsity jackets can be a bit tricky to have. There are angles to consider that may not be immediately apparent to us. For example, how exactly did this style even come about? They’re also notoriously difficult to find! We’ve hunted down a few that we really love, check them out below.

    Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece (NIKE)

    Nike’s numerous tech advances are more than just additions to their shoes. Tech Fleece is a great example of this. This special fabric manages to maintain warmth and protection without being too heavy.

    On this Nike varsity jacket mens edition, it incorporates smoothly. Traditional design elements abound as well. The sleeves, for example, come in a raglan construction that allows for stretch and a wide range of motion.

    The subtle combination of Grey and Heather tones make this a great choice to fight back against the drearier winter months!

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    NikeLab Jordan DNA Varsity Jacket

    nike jordan dna varsity jacket


    The Varsity is the very top of the tree of Nike varsity jackets. This is the piece that essentially amplifies the aura of cool that comes with this style. The traditional varsity jacket holds on to its more prep-school roots for a very long time – it starts off originally as a sweater, after all!

    But, the introduction of Nike into the sportswear category gives them a chance to capitalize on a popular trend. The Varsity offers all of the traditional stylings that fans want from their varsity jackets.

    More importantly, this one boasts the unbeatable seal of the Swoosh. For its part, this multi colored piece shows how flexible these Nike varsity jackets can really be when it comes to visuals.

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    Nike Destroyer Varsity Jacket: Nike SB x Soulland Destroyer Jacket

    The Nike Destroyer varsity jacket is unique in more ways than one. Beyond the garment’s properties, Nike just has a way of designing sportswear that is immediately recognizable as their own. They also know how to bring vintage styles back!

    This special release brings back the original Nike Destroyer jacket in all its glory thanks to the collaborative efforts of Nike SB and Danish brand Soulland. Highlights include premium leather all along the sleeves as well as a body consisting of a wool blend.

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    Nike Modern NBA Varsity Jacket

    Nike Varsity Jackets

    Unfortunately, high-quality fashion comes at a price. We don’t even mean the actual price tags. Due to the premium nature of Nike varsity jackets, they tend to sell out nearly anywhere you can find them.

    Luckily, you can still find lowkey gems like the brand’s NBA varsity jacket. Available in an assortment of different team options, hoops fans have plenty to choose from. Even if you’re not particularly into the NBA, the visuals are great alternatives to the many other Nike varsity jackets that are no longer available.

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    Fashion and beyond: Nike Varsity Jackets

    nike varsity jacket 2009 collection

    Was it always about the fashion sense and how it all looks? Are there any iconic figures associated with it? Well, each of those questions holds its own value on this topic.

    Fortunately, each of them also helps explain how we eventually get to the modern allure of this legendary garment. As always, it’s best to kick things with just a little bit of background. In fact, we take it a bit farther than even the Swoosh’s involvement.

    nike cleveland cavaliers varsity jacket

    Back in the day, before the tech and stylings of Nike varsity jackets, this humble piece was anything but. It starts off as a clever way for collegiate sports teams to put extra focus on their best players. It’s worth noting that by “back then,” we mean the mid-1860s – yeah, we’re serious!

    The story kicks off in 1865 at Harvard. This is where a school’s athletic department is struggling to find a way to highlight their young stars. Having a sport at all was entertainment after all, and Harvard wants to give their main attractions more shine. So, the university’s baseball team stumbles across an idea: the varsity jacket.

    As you can imagine, the early origins of this garment make it an item of exclusivity. If you are anything other than a sports star in college, you’re wearing anything other than a varsity jacket. As a result, it quickly becomes a status symbol, worn by the best in their respective sports.

    This leads to cultural significance as even those who avoid watching sporting events know what this jacket means. Consider the modern Nike varsity jacket. Fleece, clean form, and a usually subdued vibe. Well, the varsity jacket would only reach this sort of ubiquity in the 80s and 90s, when streetwear inevitably steps in.

    Nike’s commemorative Destroyer made to celebrate Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    That’s when this piece becomes a style item for all who can afford it. Even the most exclusive Nike varsity jackets go from being a distinction you have to earn to something you can purchase whenever you like.

    That’s where we’re at with the modern varsity jacket today. It’s an easy choice for when the months start to turn chilly. Though it’s hard to go wrong with your standard option, Nike varsity jackets are in a league of their own.





    Image courtesy: END. Clothing and Nike