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NikeLab ACG Jacket: Insulated and Expressive

    NikeLab ACG Jacket

    For All Weather Conditions: NikeLab ACG Jacket

    The NikeLab ACG jacket features here in an insulated build. The brand’s latest accomplishment involves a re-tooling of their own wears. They don’t go without the usual focus on the functional and pragmatic. However, there is an additional sense of modular fits lately. The fit, after all, is the first and perhaps most ideal consideration of functional clothing.

    To its credit, this NikeLab ACG jacket ticks a bunch of boxes. But, that’s no small wonder when you consider what Nike has been up to as far as sportswear.

    ACG = Errolson

    NikeLab ACG Jacket

    Errolson Hugh is not a new name to Nike heads. He remains one of the most influential designers in the last decade. In that time, he’s put together an impressive list of projects with the iconic Swoosh brand. Of course, most people will very easily recall his touch on the Nike Presto and Air Force 1 designs. The Prestos, in particular, were short-listed on a number of Shoe of the Year lists.

    And yet, the designer’s influence goes well beyond that. Since 2014, Hugh maintains a connection with Nike that is all about technical detail. The ACRONYM founder emanates Scandinavian design principles that are at his core. He continues, to this day, to translate those into this latest NikeLab ACG Jacket.

    Errolson’s work has been under the ACG umbrella with Nike. Even though we are now quite a way down the line, the latest Holiday 2018 collection proves the pair remain ahead of the curve.


    The Design

    NikeLab ACG Jacket

    This latest rendition of the Nike ACG Jacket comes to us with some familiar design inspirations. The most evident will be the exterior visual. The graphic patterns may look a bit random. But, Errolson is never random. There are technical foundations for every decision. In this case, the patterns are, simply put, to reflect the falling of snow.

    Moving on to the build, we see a ripstop fabric on a 100% polyester construction. Unlike thicker leathers, polyester is a sportier and more functional material.

    NikeLab ACG Jacket

    We also get two chest pockets, as well as a standard utility pocket. A synthetic fill keeps heat trapped in while a two-way zipper helps keep the bitter cold out.

    Aside from its actual protective qualities, there are small utilitarian details. The ribbing along the hem comes with a drawstring. This helps to maximize the efficiency of the insulation. That same ribbing is found on the cuffs, making for a smooth technical finish along the sleeves.

    Winter 2018 Vibes

    NikeLab ACG Jacket

    The Nike ACG jacket continues to receive some welcome upgrades. But, it’s worth noting that these alterations don’t change things drastically. It’s still the same piece of brilliant technical design. What seems to change the most is the visual make-up.

    Interestingly, that variety is a strong indicator of Errolson’s function-first ethos. He is very stubborn about focusing on pragmatism. As such, Hugh is unwilling to change practical details for the sake of something ‘new and fresh.’

    But, this NikeLab jacket does take on the occasional visual shift, which makes sense. The visuals are something of a second priority for the ACRONYM founder. As such, they might even serve as a durable distraction. For the sales and marketing-minded, a changed aesthetic means something new to sell.

    For Errolson and NikeLab, however, nothing on the inside gets changed without due cause. Available at END, you can get your own NikeLab ACG Insulated Jacket right now in either Yellow or Black.

    NikeLab ACG Jacket

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