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Minimal Bulkiness With Our Legacy

    our legacy mono runner sneakers

    Our Legacy Sneakers: Beyond normal

    Ever had the feeling you found that ultimate sneaker model you were chasing years on? Enter the Our Legacy Mono Runner Sneakers. The Our Legacy Mono Runner is the latest addition to the Swedish brand catalog when it comes to footwear.

    These Runner Sneakers are all about delivering enhanced basics for the everyday commuter. This latest iteration comes with an upper built using Italian suede, leather, and nylon.our legacy mono runner white

    Doing a Mono Runner review is relatively easy since the Swedish really keeps up to the highest expectations. The Swedish remain true to their DNA, displaying a contemporary as well as classic approach and design.

    The model features an upper sitting on top of a futuristic Vibram® RollinGait System midsole for superior comfort and durability. It then all comes together with a trail-like outsole.

    Our Legacy: Only the Best

    We expect the best from the Northern part of Europe. We always have, due to their reputation across the globe. Our Legacy was founded in 2005, and in 2008 their first flagship came to life in Krukmakargatan, Sweden.

    We all start somewhere, that’s a fact, and the Sweden born brand is no different. Back then, the label started their collection with a line of graphic print t-shirts. It is just amazing to see where that has taken them. But, we will develop some specifics further on.

    Our Legacy totally discards fast-fashion and fast-paced fashion and consumerism. They rather focus on top-notch quality garments and accessories. Well, it may sound cliché, but it truly is how they work.

    Moreover, their collections, season after season seem to relate to a more epochal and timeless approach rather than on transitory fashion, as per many other brands. They have always been that way, and they shall remain the same, we believe.

    Going Global:

    They are successful, there’s no other way to put it. In fact, in 2014, their first shop across the borders of Sweden was opened in Soho, London. Their global audience remains at growth, season after season.

    On the other hand, winter is a synonym for coziness, therefore, is there anything better than a Puffed Parka? We think not. Those were the pieces that stood out the most for us, nevertheless, as it seems, their outerwear range seem to fit your needs for any given purpose.

    Before we get into what is important these two layering pieces are a must-have in your wardrobe rotation. We have previously mentioned that part of any stylish wardrobe, footwear plays a big role, however, no shoes will look good on-feet if your upper body is not minty-fresh. You know what we mean, right?

    Even if Our Legacy does not have a long-lasting history behind it (it may get there eventually) just like much other well-known footwear and higher-end fashion-house brands, it does not mean that they are bad at what they do.

    On the contrary, they are actually pretty good at it, following every current trend, even if using more of a minimal and functional approach to every designed piece.

    Footwear Novelty:

    Making it short, their footwear range, even if small, is quite above average. Most even feature Vibram® Soles and leather linings. As anticipated, all that uniqueness is displayed on their price tag on various items.

    From the Poseidon Runner to the Raphaell Sneaker, they are masterpieces. The models mentioned tend to be quite well known among the brand’s followers, but Our Legacy never ceases to surprise us.

    This latest version of the Mono, in particular, has reflective (3M) details on the tongue and laces. Find out more on their website and head over to END. Clothing or Mr. Porter to purchase your favorite colorway of the Our Legacy Mono Runner. If you are a fan of bulky sneakers make sure to check out the info about the new colorways of the Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers.

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