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Vans Old Skool Premium Leather Pack

    Vans Old Skool Premium Leather Pack

    Upgraded Vans Old Skools

    The California brand brings forth the Vans Old Skool Premium Leather Pack for the current season. Looking for that totally premium looking pair of Old Skools? Search no further.

    The set includes some high-class premium leather versions of the sneaker, including a top quality Henna Boot leather iteration. Included is the Vans Old Skool Leather Black, some good brown leather Vans, classic Vans Old Skool Leather White, and a pair of Old Skools Premium Leather Maroon.

    Iconic, one of the strongest parts of all skate culture and beyond, the Old Skool has been garnering fans since 1977. The silhouette was among the first ever Vans’ skate shoes to count on with a leather upper, moreover, it was also the first model to expose the celebrated Vans side stripe.

    Vans Old Skool: a better part of great subcultures

    Originally presented back in 1977, more than 40 years ago, the Vans Old Skool is one of the most famous sneakers in all history. Back then, in 1977, Vans was called the Van Doren Rubber Company.

    The company was then based in Anaheim, California. Established for just a decade, the things and the future (overall) seemed great. The ‘so-called’ California culture was booming while skating and extreme sports were just getting to start to grab everyone’s attention.

    The Old Skool was the first low-top shoe by Vans to use leather panels. It was considered to be so original that it even had a different name.

    In fact, at first, it was released as the so-called ‘Style 36’ (a retro version of the original can be seen here and on this collaboration with WTAPS for example). Back then, the model also and already featured the distinct Vans stripe on the side.

    Old Skool: a special canvas for all artists

    More than a decade passed and, during the 80s, skaters and all fans started to customize their shoes. With its canvas and leather panels, it was just the perfect sketch board for artists (more or less creative) to share their dreams, their inner self, or just to scratch along.

    Fast forward to the last decade of the 20th century and the collaborations era began. During that time, Vans collaborated with Marc Jacobs, Supreme and other fashion designers, brands and artist collectives.

    The greater goal (back then) was to deliver fresh versions of some of their most iconic models. Vans’ journey and that of the Old Skool was and still is far from ending.

    Discover the complete Vans Old Skool Premium Leather Pack now.

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