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Vans Staple Bold NI in Red and Blue

    vans staple bold ni blue

    Skate style: Vans Staple Bold NI

    Representing more of skate sneaker history, we take a look at the Vans Staple Bold NI. This shoe resembles much of what we see from the brand. It also comes with the same level of history. Vans start off as the peak of skate culture. Their footwear and gear are the earliest examples of west coast skate stylings.

    The success that Vans see these days is about more than the skating. They find fans all over the world. What’s more, they go beyond skate culture. Rappers, singers, and artists of all sorts swear by the classic skate shoes.

    Today, the Vans label spends its time in many sectors. They release remarkable iterations that celebrate everything from Van Gogh to NASA. Meanwhile, their vintage catalog remains undisputed. The Vans Staple Bold NI is a great example of this.

    A Closer Look

    vans staple bold ni red

    The Vans Staple Bold NI comes with a very traditional build. The skater shoe goes through very little change over time. Back then, what works is a combination of durable uppers and sticky outsoles. Vans are informed enough to make sure they don’t fix what is far from broken.

    To that end, the features on this shoe are fairly impressive. The upper is in a reverse T-shape that includes modern foxing tape and plenty of suede. There’s also a very sleek aesthetic here. This comes to us via a logo-free tongue and tonal stitching details.

    Finally, the brand’s signature tech finishes things off nicely. A drop-in ULTRACUSH sock liner provides impressive cushioning. It also comes in an anatomically informed design. This helps the shoe move more naturally – both on the board and off.

    Finding the Balance

    Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Vans Staple Bold NI is how they achieve balance. These are vintage shoes from a cherished era. As such, many fans look for the most authentic representations in their shoes. Vans manage to bring that authenticity together with modern upgrades.

    The result is the perfect piece of nostalgic footwear. You get to stomp in the Americana skater glory without sacrificing comfort or durability. The Vans Staple Bold NI is available in both Red and Blue at Mr. Porter.

    Vans Staple Bold NI

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