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Yeezy Season 4 Now Available

    Yeezy season 4

    Yeezy Season 4 is upon us

    Yeezy Season 4. It’s really hard to put into a few words exactly how to feel about Kanye’s fashion vision. But, here goes. Upon its original drop last year, in what seemed like the hottest day of New York’s summer, things were a little weird for Yeezy.

    The release is outdoors, at Roosevelt Park, and there are many claims of mistreatment of models. There are also a few voices who appreciate West’s rather extreme vision. That balance, or lack thereof, is what defines this latest collection.

    Yeezy Season 4 Review:

    In Season 4, we see a slight turn away from the “destroyed” fabric trend that Yeezy has been favoring. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still an appreciation for what some call “bum-chique.”

    But, the difference here is that Kanye opts to focus on a more forward-thinking streetwear scene. The oversize fits are still prominent, with this latest season choosing a focus on less dark colors and more bright tones.

    The mix of premium fabrics is also still very evident, looking to justify the always lofty price tags. One of the nice things about the Yeezy line is that West is the type of designer who loves change.

    He’s shown a consistent knack for evolving or breaking down his old ideas and putting together something at least nominally new. As his brand starts to find its own voice as a standalone entity, we can expect more crazy ideas and vivid designs.

    For now, you can check out the latest from the upcoming Yeezy Season 4.

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