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10 Sneaker Related Instagrams That You Must Follow

    Top 10 sneaker instagram accounts to follow

    Check out 10 Sneaker Instagrams to follow now

    Instagram has become a huge part of a lot of people’s lives (including mine), providing daily inspirations, news, and a privileged inside view into the daily routines of some of your idols. Before anything else, make sure to also check out the 10 Women on Instagram to follow right now.

    So, considering, I felt like it was only right to share some of my favorite accounts that spice up my feed and help me get lost for hours at a time. To start things off, and since there’s a lot of footwear content in here, I thought I’d share my favorite accounts relating to sneakers.

    These can be photographers, designers, collectives, creatives, or even stores, and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. Let’s get things started.


    1. @runnerwally – Michael, aka Runnerwally, is a sneaker collector/photographer/blogger based in Berlin with an impressive résumé.

    Capturing everything from tradeshows, new releases, parties, editorials, and even the latest Supreme drop for The Basement. You can check out highlights of his work through his Instagram, and full editorials at his website.



    2. @liamparsons4 – Based in Perth, Australia, Liam Parsons is also an avid sneaker collector, which makes his job as a photographer a bit easier.

    With 27,5k followers and being a member of @Asics_team and @allupinitt (which I’ll explore further below), you’ve surely seen Liam’s photos around your feed, or suggestions, as he snaps away some of the most coveted pairs available (or not).



    3. @kane – 22 year old freelance photographer Kane Holz (also known as knucklerkane) is the founder of the aforementioned collective @allupinitt, and he specializes in urban photography, which includes footwear, of course, but also cityscapes, architecture, and other products.

    Quickly gathering followers, Kane is becoming one of the go-to creatives for sneaker-related content, so stay tuned and make sure that you also check out his website.



    4. @allupinitt – As I mentioned previously, allupinitt is a creative collective founded by Kane, that also includes other amazingly talented photographers like @pangea, @maxleitner, and @needlehorse (I strongly suggest that you give them all a follow).

    In their feed, you can feast your eyes on photos of all the versatile creatives.



    5. @dennistodisco – Dennis Todisco is the genius mind behind @outfitgrid, a project that started out as a simple hashtag to showcase your outfit for the day, and quickly escalated into an account that today has over 700.000 followers, sharing the best outfits out there.

    Todisco is also the Community Manager over at Niche – a platform for creators from all over the world.



    6. @crepecity – Established in 2009, Crepe City is the largest community and event in the United Kingdom, and one of the largest in the world when it comes to footwear.

    Through their feed, you can take a look at highlights from the latest events, participate in giveaways, and also check out features from followers from all over the world. Visit their website to purchase the Crepe City magazine and accessories.



    7. @morprime – Morgan is part of the Crepe City team and a photographer enthusiast whose skills are constantly evolving, delivering better and better photos as time goes by.

    Check out his feed for Crepe City related news, and some amazing photos of crepes.



    8. @kaczy__ – Next up is another photographer, Warsaw, Poland-based Piotr Kaczor, who specializes in street, sneaker, and lifestyle photography.

    Through his feed, you’ll mostly find photos of footwear, complemented by automobiles, architecture, and landscapes. I recommend that you also visit his website for more detailed photos.


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    9. @sneakerb0b – Another Germany-based sneakerhead, Sneaker Bob’s identity is a mystery to many who follow him and envy his insane collection. Here you’ll find his latest purchases, lifestyle photos and a bit of his day-to-day.



    10. @sizetenplease – Last but certainly not least, we have streetwear and sneaker enthusiast Massimo Taylor.

    Besides being the founder of @inrawplease (another great account), the versatile photographer constantly shares stunning photos of beautiful landscapes and architecture, as well as some of the best fits and kicks.

    And that’s it for the first chapter, I certainly hope that you enjoy it, and please let me know your favorites or if you have any suggestions through the comment section below.

    Stay tuned for more soon.