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Filling Pieces Inner Circle Sneaker

    Filling Pieces Inner Circle Sneaker

    Filling Pieces Inner Circle Sneaker is premium to the core

    Some people believe style takes a backseat to substance. Those people have yet to meet the Filling Pieces Inner Circle Sneaker.

    This high-quality piece of footwear comes to us from the folks over at Filling Pieces. Always opting for their subtle brand of luxury, FP executes this design flawlessly.


    Each colorway of this model comes with neoprene linings for a secure fit. We also see an overlaying section of suede throughout the upper.

    Additionally, FP’s experimental habit continues as the materials are kept together via directional top-stitching. You might be wondering what that is.

    Well, this stitching method is traditionally used to expose what would usually be hidden underneath or on the edges of the design in question.

    With sneaker design, it’s a standard to keep those details from the naked eye. But, of course, Filling Pieces is nothing if not countering industry standards.

    The neoprene sock lining is also in a one-piece build, making for a slide-on fit. In fact, the only thing that separates the tongue from the rest of the ankle is some Cordura webbing.

    We also see a zipper bringing the tongue to a close, on top of which are some sturdy rope laces. The scheme here finishes off with a signature shark midsole, giving you both cushion and grip with each stride.

    Filling Pieces is form and function:

    The design details here represent a careful and considerate approach. The resulting shoe is one that comes with no major pitfalls in durability.

    What’s the bottom line? You can pull this look off without the risky business of damaging your new shoes. Furthermore, slightly muted colors mean you can show your taste without trying too hard.

    This isn’t  “look at me!” footwear. This, in fact, “if you know, you know” footwear. Available now in Army Green, Light Grey, and Black, find your own pair over at END.