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The Return of the Karhu Aria: New Colorways Releasing Soon

    Karhu aria sS18

    Karhu Aria New Colorways

    Inspired by the calmness and tranquility that comes with a fresh new start, 2018 brings the release of the Karhu Aria New Colorways: Boa / June Bug and Real Teal / Black.

    The Karhu Aria fit is also and for sure one to be amazed by. Especially and even more considering that Karhu was the brand that invented the “Air”. But, we will get to that later.

    Karhu is available to buy online at select retailers like Slam Jam, END. Clothing or asphaltgold.


    karhu aria 2018 new colorways

    Karhu: bound for greatness

    We expect nothing but greatness from Karhu. Their drops are quiet and rather small when comparing to other brands, but it keeps getting better and better year after year. Quality over quantity, we believe.

    Furthermore, the upper consists of a mix between pigskin suede and soft nylon mesh, giving them an outdoor feel as well as a sporty look due to its combination of round hiking laces and white speckled midsoles.

    Just like running, Karhu plans to move forward. What we mean is that the silhouette has been re-worked and re-created with a mono-sock construction, providing a more secure fit around the foot.

    Karhu Sports Brand

    We all heard about Karhu. Established in 1916 in Finland, Karhu (that translates to bear) comes to life and started to dominate tracks around the world.

    Soon after, the brand became Finland’s official equipment provider to all Olympic games, making sure that Paavo Nurmi comes back home with nine Olympic gold medals in just eight years. Quite an achievement.

    The market back then was totally different from what we know today, hence, brands had to adapt. During WWII, in the 40s, Karhu had its share by defending Finland. In other words, their factories manufactured camouflage uniforms, platoon tents, army boots, rucksacks, and skis for the Finnish army.

    Time went by and during the 60s, Karhu officially registers its famous M-symbol. The M stands for “Mestari”, which means “champion” in Finnish. And now, get ready to be blown away.

    Karhu creates the “Air”

    Efficiency was their middle name and during the 70s, Karhu develops the first patented “Air Cushion” midsole system for their running footwear range. Nike was way behind that concept at the time.

    Funny enough, the brand left behind the Air Cushion during the mid-80s as they believed that running is all about going forward, not up and down. On that note, they created the “Fulcrum” technology in collaboration with the University of Jyväskylä.

    It is all about a very pretty story of development on the tracks, but nowadays, every single runner is adapted to a more lifestyle type of wear.  Both colorways of the Karhu Aria will be globally available on February 10th at select retailers, on their website and Karhu Concept Stores in Helsinki and Boston.

    (All images via Runnerwally)