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Nike Air Max 95 Premium Cobblestone/White

    Nike Air Max 95 Premium Cobblestone/White
    • Nike Air Max 95 Premium Cobblestone: Nike’s most unexpected silhouette gets a premium version
    • Leather, suede, and mesh upper
    • Rubber sole

    Background and history of the Air Max 95:

    The Nike Air Max 95 was released in 1995 and by then it was considered even more eccentric than it is today. The OG Neon colorway is the most well known, but in fact, there are numerous Nike Air Max 95 colorways available.

    Sergio Lozano was the designer responsible for the creation of the AM95. Lozano’s previous experience included work with Nike ACG and with the tennis and training department.

    He never worked with running prior to the Nike Air Max 95. In fact, he had been working with Nike just for four years before taking on the Air Max project.

    The time was one of great importance: basketball had become a “major player” regarding Nike’s silhouette design and production. The running department was then just trying to keep up.

    The AM95 was a necessary venture for the brand to regain and reboot a category successful in previous decades. Lozano’s inspiration for the shoe came from the most obvious place: Beaverton’s surroundings and natural scenario.

    The city in Washington County where Nike has their headquarters was an easy inspiring ground for the designer. Months after and following an intense design and production process, the Nike Air Max 95 was born.

    Like almost any other great and historic model, the AM95 was far from being a consensual silhouette. Some loved it, others simply hated it, and it was precisely that debate that ongoing and poignant debate that ultimately made the sneaker even greater.

    The new Nike Air Max 95 Premium Cobblestone is one of the latest episodes of a greater AM95 story that is far from ending.