nike atmos animal pack 2018

From The Jungle to Your Feet: Nike Animal Pack 2.0

Nike atmos Animal Pack 2018: Where to Buy

The Nike atmos Animal Pack 2018 is here. After years of waiting, Nike and atmos bring back what is (for sure) one of the most coveted collaborations ever.

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One of the greatest iterations that came out from atmos laboratory back in the days was the so-called “Animal”.

We can, and truly agree that the Nike Animal Pack 2.0 is a favourite for a lot of people.

However, we also might say they are so ugly that they become beautiful if that makes any sense.

Around here, we are true aficionados about these pairs.

Even if this pack caused some controversy due to a slightly different upper design (black instead of white pony hair), the “Animal Pack 2.0” is now set to return and to sell out, for all that matters.

To all the OG-heads, this release kind of defeats the purpose.

nike atmos animal pack 2018

Nike is always original

What we mean is that people who did not have the change to grab the OG release in 2006 or that rocked their pairs to death throughout time, even if able to purchase the new version in the near future, the model is now different, as simple as this.

Some further believe that they should not be retroed in such a way and even if hurts us, we tend to agree.

Apart from the black panels on the upper, everything seems to remain like it was. Covered in insane prints to match animal fur, you will be able to spot lookalike patterns of a cheetah, zebra, tiger, leopard, and cow.It may sound absurd to bring all of this together, but let’s be honest – they did a pretty good job.

In addition, both pairs’ memorable details are still present, such as the Nike / Air Max brandings on the sides, insoles, and tongue. Also, they both sit on top of a white midsole with animal-green bubbles, just like the 2006 pairs.

Both pairs will be available at Overkill (instore first). The Air Max 1 shall be priced at around 160 while the Air Max 95 will set you back 250.

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From the atmos Elephant to the Nike atmos Animal 2018

We all know that Tokyo sneaker boutique atmos retain a long-lasting relationship with Nike from the very beginning.

Their collaborations, especially the ones that are 10+ years old, are still among the best of all time.

They are also among the most sought after for collectors and enthusiasts around the globe.

Last year we came across quite a few iconic releases. The one that brought back the most memories was without a doubt the “atmos Elephant”.

The fans voted for the pair to make a return in 2017, or if you wish, to be retroed.

Re-released during the festivities of Air Max Day, atmos paid great attention to details when comparing to the original model. It sure made a buzz, as you should know.

Now, it is time for the Nike atmos Animal Pack 2018.

nike atmos animal pack 2018