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Prada Novo Hiking Boot Stomps in Multicolor

    prada novo hiking boots

    Welcome to multicolor outdoors with Prada Novo

    The new Prada Novo Hiking Boot is almost like doing a vivid high tech outdoor expedition. There is always some sentimental value in braving the great outdoors. But, the actual wilderness is losing out to the experience of “glamping”.

    In an industry of consumers that values more and more each day, premium experiences are a booming business. This multi-colour piece is largely unassuming. In fact, for the most, there is nothing that immediately grabs attention.

    It seems very much like a nondescript boot, which isn’t completely uncharacteristic Prada. Tradition does exist, but ultimately it is also there to be overridden.

    As such, you might start to see fewer Timberland or CAT boots. Instead, you will likely start to see more high-end choices, as this Prada Novo Hiking Boot Stomps in Multicolor.

    Prada: Beyond an era

    The fashion house is often and closely related to the creation of new trends. One fine example, when it comes to footwear, could be the bulky and exaggerated midsoles.

    Some may argue that such a statement is overrated, however, we really believe that makes perfect sense. Just go and flashback a few years and check out all the incredible movements and trends that Prada has set.

    After all, the high fashion label is not just all about futuristic designs and footwear. The brand produces men’s and women’s leather goods and travel accessories.

    They are also into clothing and eyewear, fragrance business as well as the mobile phone sector. As expected, each and every single item combines cutting-edge finesse with style. Just like this brand new footwear piece, in some way or another.

    prada novo hiking boot multicolor

    Image Credit: Voo Store

    What is also in their purview is an emphasis on premium builds. For this piece, we see an upper constructed mainly of calf leather and textile. That combo receives a color blocking look while it sits on a standard rubber outsole.

    Fair warning, this boot is just about as bulky as it looks. As such, you will want to order a slightly smaller size than you’re used to.

    Check out this high-fashion piece right now over at Voo Store. Prada also has some solid futuristic sneakers options such as the brand new Prada Cloudbust.