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Syndicate Original Kiev Clothing Turns it Down for FW 16

    Syndicate Original kiev

    For Fall/ Winter 2016, Syndicate Original Kiev makes a statement. Modern fashion has an infatuation with post-communism.

    The now popular oversize and loose fits have roots in Soviet stylings. However, the feeling isn’t mutual. In fact, trendy streetwear is more of a mockery of the poor in Kiev.

    As a result, there is room for improvement. That is where Syndicate Original clothing line comes in.

    Their latest Fall/ Winter collection exemplifies the flair/ function combination. Part of that is minimizing hyper-loose fits.

    Syndicate Original kiev

    As a result, we see a call back to simpler looks. From subtle sweats to toned down tees, the Syndicate Original Kiev Outsider collection has it all.

    The utilitarian approach isn’t new. Still, Syndicate Original manages to own it. The key seems to be a clear vision.

    This is summed up most clearly by the brand itself: “the main thing is that people don’t show off in these clothes, they live in them.”

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