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Tantum Clothing – Los Angeles

    tantum clothing los angeles

    Tantum Clothing (getting its substance from the Latin meaning ‘only’) seems to firmly believe that there are certain things that are truly attractive by nature. T-shirts with perfectly colored with chest pockets tend to fit into that category.

    Tantum presents radiant and personalized pieces, with each pocket color pattern feature being totally unique. Alongside the fantastic aura tees, there is also an attractive collection of bucket hats, and a set of tank tops, soon to be released.

    Make your own rainbow and get to know Tantum Clothing. Make your own rainbow and get to know Tantum Los Angeles. Get some of their works at Union Los Angeles. While here, make sure to check out the latest Pendleton Day of the Dead t-shirt and blanket.

    Images: Tantum

    Homepage featured image credits: Dandee Ronruen