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Tom Sachs x Nike: NikeCraft

    Designer Tom Sachs and Nike have collaborated on NikeCraft, a really unique project. The NikeCraft collection includes the Mars Yard sneakers, but also a small capsule collection including a jacket, a tote, and a trench.

    Tom Sachs and Nike basically went way further when it comes to experimentation. Breaking the rules is the better and rightful dogma for most of the great minds out there.

    Fact is that when an individual, a company, or a brand for that matter, keep fearfully holding to their past without making the effort to take that step further, all of us will experience the consequences. Nike and Sachs proved us wrong, showing that this is really not the case.

    NikeCraft: Footwear Design meets experimentation


    The work of Tom Sachs and Nike with the project “NikeCraft” shows us that there is plenty of hope when it comes to the fusion of footwear design and artistic experimentation.

    Without the playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable.”

    Carl Jung

    The collaboration is a superb allied of the program “Space Program: Mars”, by Tom Sachs, being held at the Park Avenue Armory, in New York. The amazing Nike Mars Yard Shoe, the Trench, The Marsfly Jacket, and the Lightweight Tote are the highlights of the collective works of the artist and the swoosh brand.

    Among the rare materials used to fabricate these pieces are automotive air bags, mainsails for boats and sections of a space suit. It seems that both Sachs and Nike spared no expense regarding the selection of unusual and even odd fabrics and materials.

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    Visit Tom Sachs official website.

    Images: Nike