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Top 10 Best Nike Air Presto Of All Time

    best nike air presto

    Looking for that unique and ultimate list of the best Nike Air Presto ever released? Search no more. We all have witnessed the boom of footwear during the 90s. That was the time when everything changed, and Nike was at the forefront of almost every design. Along with the Nike Air Max 1, and the most recent Nike Air VaporMax, the Presto is for sure one of Nike’s most memorable pieces of footwear.

    The Best Nike Air Presto:


    Nike Air Presto “Unholy Cumulus”

    Re-released in 2015, the “Unholy Cumulus” belongs to the original lineup from 2000. Plain and simple, just how we like it, the shoe is delivered in white with light blue accents and red details.

    A must have if you ask us.

    atmos x Nike Air Presto “Safari”

    Joining forces with atmos, the Japanese giant, Nike has brought back two of the best silhouettes of all time. In this case, the Presto takes inspiration from his older cousin, the Air Max 1 that originally released in 2003.

    We believe that certain prints should stay with its original silhouettes, however, in this case, and for once, it worked just perfectly.

    Nike Air Presto “Greedy”

    Following the release of the Nike Air Max 95 “Greedy”, this Presto brings together the same idea, making this one of the most vibrant colorways of all time.

    Initially, everyone thought that BEAMS from Japan had a hand when it came to designing this pair, but its inspiration was revealed shortly after.

    Acronym x NikeLab Air Presto

    Just as much as OG colorways have a great impact on younger generations, great collaborations do the exact same. We consider this Acronym iteration of the best of all time, breaking some necks as you pass by.

    The Presto displays a black and brown-ish colorway all across with subtle branding on the sock.

    Nike Air Presto “Lightning”

    Another pair that was part of the OG release of the Nike Air Presto is the now dubbed “Lightning”. Originally launched as the “Trouble at Home”, the silhouette displays the original lightning graphic from 2000 and even back then, it made sure to be one of a kind.

    Nike Air Presto “Lava”

    Originally released in 2001, the Lava colorway remains one of the most sought after. No more words needed, it just does not get any better than this.

    Sole Collector x Nike Air Presto “Hawaii”

    (Image Credits: chrisaylen)

    People tend to hate or love this pair, there is no grey area for this one. Nevertheless, they were highly limited – a true hyper-strike.

    Only 48 pairs were made for NikeTown in Waikiki in 2005, so we dare you to find a pair for sale. In our humble opinion, they are a true masterpiece.

    Off-White x Nike Air Presto

    nike presto off white

    (Image Credits: Tenth LDN)

    Even if they are one of the most recent iterations, this collaboration between Off-White and Nike goes right at the top of any list. At least we believe so.

    The silhouette has been reworked by the one and only Virgil Abloh and received a very industrial make-over.

    Nike Air Presto iD Japan “Chequered”

    As mentioned above, back in 2001, a special edition was introduced to Nike iD in Japan. Unfortunately, they did not last long as they looked way too much like the checkered Vans Slip-On.

    It is a true shame that such colorway never made it to the European and American website.

    Hello Kitty x Nike Air Presto

    (Image Credits: SneakersAddict)

    To finish off our list of the best Nike Air Presto is the Hello Kitty x Nike Air Presto. It was initially released as a pack of 3.

    Also, these are our favorite of the bunch. Sure, you may think they are childish or even unbearable, but trust us, these are super rare!

    If you can find a pair, expect them to cost you a lot. In 2004 these were released to friends and family to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 30th anniversary.

    It really does not matter if you consider this pair to be Nike Presto women’s or Nike Presto mens, they are simply clean and unique Prestos.

    Nike Presto History:

    Nike set the bar quite high when it came to on-feet technology, illustrating ultimate comfort on every released pair. The main idea behind the Nike Air Presto was to empower your feet to take control of the shoe, in short.

    At least that was the idea of Tobie Hatfield, the project co-designer. Its sock-like construction allowed your feet to have maximum flexibility as well as just enough space for toe movement.

    Also, and always never forgetting about competent and suitable support. That is why the Presto is delivered with a cage, that is, for additional lockdown.

    Nike Air Presto: T-shirt For Your Feet

    Marketed as the “T-shirt for your feet”, further exemplified in the sizing options (XXXS-XXXL), another target that was tackled was to give any runner the feel of being barefoot. Today it may sound quite normal, but go back 18 years.

    The Presto was built using neoprene and breathable mesh that sat atop of a lightweight Phylon midsole. Sometimes, especially back then, performance was just as important as aesthetics.

    Hence, the original colorways were inspired by Apple’s iMac G3 altogether with its transparent casings. Quite a good marketing point there as you could actually see the technology at work.

    At the time of its release, in 2000, 13 different colorways were launched and given a specific name for each pair. Each of them perfectly serving its soon-to-come promotional activity.

    However, only 12 were named: Brutal Honey, Trouble at Home, Unholy Cumulus, Shady Milkman, Rabid Panda, Orange Monk, Jack Mackerel, Migraine Fly, Presto Bill, Catfight Shiner, Rogue Kielbasas and Abdominal Snowman.

    But that’s not all. The Presto itself is usually recognized as one of the first silhouettes to use a digitally printed graphic on its neoprene upper, being the “Trouble at Home” the leading style.

    Fun Fact: Steven Smith (the man behind the New Balance 1500 and Reebok Insta Pump Fury) also created a one-of-one checkerboard Presto for Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick. Later on, it was continued by Nike Japan and was introduced to their Nike iD program, part of a special edition release.

    Nike Air Presto: Another step for Nike heritage

    The Presto still finds a strong place in the hearts of sneakerheads across the globe, for many different reasons. As expected, collaborations were released (such as Hello Kitty, Off-White, Acronym, to name a few) that only made them even greater.

    Also worth a mention are the best Nike Presto colorways, those that were delivered as general releases. Even many of those look absolutely great.

    On the other hand, even if we believe that footwear’s way should only be forward, the latest take on the Presto was not that good. Sure, the Flyknit and mid-top silhouettes are super lightweight and comfortable.

    However, the Presto should have stayed the way it was. Well, in one or two cases that do not apply, as you will be able to see very soon.

    The Nike Air Presto is still one of the greatest silhouettes of all time. It does not matter if you like them or not, but it sure elevated Nike‘s heritage up ’till now. It had a great impact on every collector and enthusiast, in one way or another.

    The Nike Air Presto is still one of the greatest silhouettes of all time. It does not matter if you like them or not, but it sure elevated Nike’s heritage up ’till now. It had a great impact on every collector and enthusiast, in one way or another.



    Image Credit: Sole Collector, Moresneakers, and HYPEBEAST