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A.P.C. Specializes in Turning Down the Volume


    A.P.C. is back (and they never left)

    A.P.C. clothing is a label. Well, truth is that is just way more than that. Think of some of your favorite streetwear brands. You don’t have to go very far into that list to see something of a pattern.

    Namely, the fact that most of the names that come to mind are very intentional in their boisterous designs. From high-brown color palettes to a deafening sophistication, it seems like nearly every household supplier of streetwear is aiming directly at helping you define a part of yourself.

    The more egregious attempts involve taking over your personality altogether, making it easy to lose individuality amongst the hype and noise. That sort of methodology isn’t entirely unfamiliar to A.P.C., whose roots come from a time in Parisian fashion when it was all about letting your clothes do all the talking.

    This is where we see how A.P.C. specializes in turning down the volume. A.P.C. is available to buy at select stores.




    A.P.C.: Since 1987

    In 1987, A.P.C. is borne by Jean Touitou. Simply put, he believed that fashion shouldn’t be what defines you. In fact, if it were up to him, clothing shouldn’t even be doing much more than amplifying who you already are.

    At this stage, Paris is already long considered one of the many hubs of the cutting-edge fashion world, an assumption based almost entirely on runway shows of pomp and bombast. But, A.P.C. clothing, as it does now, was always going to be counter to this.

    All you really have to do to get a good sense of the brand ’s ethos is take a look at some of their garments. One of the most popular items in their catalog – moving in high volume – is a reconditioned and pre-worn pair of jeans.

    That’s right, raw denim jeans that have been worn and broken in are a highlight in the collections of a high-end Parisian brand. Who would’ve thought? Look even further and there is an insistence on this direction.

    Using some leftover fabric, and plenty of imagination, the brand put together quilts that were styled after the traditional Amish wears. There’s something appropriate – and poetic – about A.P.C. clothing putting together a shout out to the design of a people that focus on the person and not their things.

    Even a cursory look at the brand’s latest releases shows a headstrong reluctance to deviate from a classic casual. From jumpers and dress shirts to pants and hats, it’s all about maintaining an aesthetic that most would hardly notice.

    But, and this is important, this doesn’t go to suggest that the designs skimp on quality. On the contrary, the fabrics and builds are what make this Parisian fashion house so premium.

    Consider one of the most emblematic pieces in the latest Fall collection, the Cabin Jumper. This piece looks about as sedate as any unmarked piece of outerwear.

    For most of us, it’s a sweatshirt that carries a missable color. But, it also boasts full Scottish Geelong Wool construction. This piece, while belying a pride in its own simplicity, carries a specially spun wool that is somehow both thicker and softer than traditional counterparts.

    In short, limiting excess without undercutting quality. It’s a vision that might fall on the deaf ears of the more modern designer or fashion student. But, as with much of what A.P.C. does, simplicity doesn’t need to be loud.