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Colette Announces its Closure

    Colette closing

    Colette closing date is coming

    After 20 long years, Colette, one of Paris go-to-destinations, announced that it will be closing down in December 2017. Well, sort of.

    Saint Laurent is in the middle of negotiations to embrace the Rue Saint-Honoré site. Moreover, “negotiations are underway with Saint Laurent and we would be proud to have a brand with such a history, with whom we have frequently collaborated, taking over our address … We are happy of the serious interest expressed by Saint Laurent in this project, and it could also represent a very good opportunity for our employees.”, stated the company.

    Colette Roussaux was the founder of Colette, but Roussaux has left the legacy to her daughter, Sarah Andelman; she has made the boutique quite a phenomenon and has become one of the most well-known curators in the world, mix-and-matching high-end fashion all together with the most sought-after streetwear brands.

    No, it does stop there – we all know about those souvenirs and collaborations just like the Asics Gel Lyte III “Dotty” in 2015 and soon-to-drop H&M Capsule Collection. Colette is considered the Mecca for almost everything else, from kitchenware to books, from telephones to watches.

    The high building with 8000sqm also agitated the news once Balenciaga occupied one full floor with their latest drop; it was a full-range drop which included 5 pencils and 2350 Jackets. However, there are always two sides to the same story, and a bit of irony as well.

    Do you remember when Saint Laurent, in 2013, dropped the “Yves” in 2013? Colette produced a limited run of t-shirts saying “Ain’t Laurent Without Yves”. They were asked to remove all pieces from the store, but they sold out meanwhile. Now, it is the same person trying to close the deal.

    We are sure this is not the end, at least of this particular story. Stay tuned for further updates!