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Diemme x C Store Puts Kudu Leather on the Loria

    Diemme x C Store

    Italy x Sweden: Diemme x C Store

    This collab is a good peek into that future as Diemme x C Store puts Kudu leather on the Loria. 2017 looks set to be another year when streetwear and high fashion see a blurring of lines.

    And why not? So far, all we’ve seen as a result is a benefit for both ends. As streetwear becomes more and more premium with each release, we can expect interesting varieties and impressions.

    C Store is the more luxury or high-end section of Caliroots. The streetwear outfitter has chosen Italian shoe and boot specialists Diemme for this collab, which makes for an enticing release. Specifically, the subject of this project is the Loria.

    Diemme’s emphasis on artisan-ship really shines through as both the Men’s and Women’s version of this release feature Kudu antelope leather. That material is also treated at CF Steads, a legendary British tannery.

    If you aren’t familiar with Diemme’s work, this a good introduction. The Italian shoemakers bring their A-game to this project, putting out a lush product.

    Available now, you can find these exclusive releases online. While you’re here, make sure to check out the latest about the Our Legacy Mono Runner.