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Extra Butter Chapter 1 Collection

    extra butter chapter 1 collection

    NY vs No NY: Extra Butter Chapter 1 Collection

    The brand new Extra Butter Chapter 1 Collection is here. The NY based store drops its inaugural apparel collection this Spring. The selection includes a complete line of cut and sewn tees, joggers, and outerwear.

    With distinct cuts and premium materials, the “Chapter 1” collection features a range of tones. It also includes a distinct royal purple that has not been seen in the market.

    The store’s statement about the collection mentions: «inspired by the dichotomy of existence and non-existence in New York City. The collection also considers films like “Fight Club” and “Ghost” for dialogue on pain experienced even by intangible presences, taking cues from a color palette of bruises and supernatural auras.»

    Overall, Extra Butter makes a strong independent step into the streetwear industry with this launch. Check out some highlights of the collection in the gallery below and get the complete set now over at Extra Butter.

    While you’re here, make sure to check out the interview with Jason Faustino, one of Extra Butter’s founders and owners.

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